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 ===== Gameplay ===== ===== Gameplay =====
-==== What do I need to know beyond the official Quick Start guide to start playing? ==== 
-  * If you only see the Alpha game link when you log in to Multiverse, reload in your browser window. Era 3 is the most active game. 
-  * Don't build tech program structures on your [[anacreon:​game:​designation#​imperial_capital|imperial capital]] until you have a designated [[anacreon:​game:​designation#​chronimium_processor|chronimium processor]] planet that it can [[anacreon:​game:​trade|import]] from, or you won't be able to build [[anacreon:​game:​units#​jumpships]]. 
-  * Always build habitat structures (like "​hypermetropolis"​) and spaceports when they are available. These have essentially no downsides and major positive effects. Habitat structures take a long time to build so be patient. 
-  * Pretty much always build defense structures when they become available, but then manually allocate [[anacreon:​game#​labor]] away from them unless you really want that kind of defense. Even doing nothing, these structures seem to improve planets'​ resistance to going into [[anacreon:​game:​civil_war|civil war]]. 
-  * Under the default [[anacreon:​game:​doctrine]],​ your capital has an invisible [[anacreon:​game:​movement#​jump_beacons|"​jump beacon"​]] that allows your jumpfleets to move near it. Don't switch to a different doctrine until you have at least one standalone jumpship yard and one jumpship autofac - you won't be able to move your jumpfleets and you will run out of transports! 
-  * If you have 100+ planets and >2 sector capitals (4 or more capitals total), you must switch to the [[anacreon:​game:​doctrine#​law_order|Law & Order]] doctrine or [[anacreon:​game:​designation#​sector_capital|sector capitals]] will randomly [[anacreon:​game:​secession|secede]]. 
-  * You must place capitals >250 [[anacreon:​lexicon#​LY]] away from one another. You will not be able to designate a sector capital until you have some way to get transports beyond this distance from your imperial capital- this means you need either a standalone [[anacreon:​game:​designation#​jumpship_yards|jumpship yards]] with its own jump beacon, or a starship fleet that can move transports beyond the jump beacon radius around your imperial capital. 
-  * Avoid [[anacreon:​game:​civil_war|civil wars]]: don't raise planets up to high TLs right away; be sure that your planets are supplied with [[anacreon:​game:​resources#​trillum]];​ be sure your consumer goods autofacs aren't being asked to export more than they can produce. 
-  * If a planet goes into [[anacreon:​game:​civil_war|civil war]], use transports to move [[anacreon:​game:​units#​ground_units|ground units]] onto it. You want ~4x as many ground forces as there are rebel forces, shown under the planet'​s "​News"​ tab. 
-  * Civil wars won't end if people keep dying from starvation or survival resource shortages 
 ==== Why do my fleets and infantry keep shrinking? ==== ==== Why do my fleets and infantry keep shrinking? ====
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