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All empires have one of four doctrines. Additional doctrines are present in the game code but are not implemented. Doctrine switching is performed from the Empire tab on the Imperial Capital. Switching doctrine will temporarily depress efficiency on the imperial capital and sector capitals because it causes these planets to be redesignated. If any empire has >100 planets and >2 sector capitals, sector capitals can randomly secede; this is essentially unavoidable except for players in the Law & Order doctrine.

Fire & Movement

Imperial and sector capitals get the Fleet HQ primary structure (builds TL-appropriate jumpships plus basic infantry) and will auto-build the Jumpship Autofac structure as needed. These worlds also project a jumpbeacon, similar to jump yards. This allows jumpfleets to move to planets within 100LY of the sector capital. This is the default doctrine of the NPC “Warlord” empires present at game start and of secession empires that form as a result of sector capitals seceding.

Strength & Honor

Imperial and sector capitals get the Starship HQ primary structure (builds TL-appropriate starships plus basic infantry) and will auto-build the Starship Autofac structure as needed. The imperial capital must not be in a nebula to switch to this doctrine. Sector capitals in nebulas still build starships.

Trade & Enterprise

Imperial sector capitals get the starport primary structure (causes the world to function as a trade hub, does not use labor) and the Militia Base structure (builds basic infantry). Capitals and hubs can form one-way trade routes with Mesophon worlds to sell any resource. The Militia Base structure will permanently disappear if it is ever receiving 0% labor; this is a bug. This is the doctrine of the NPC Mesophon Traders Guild empire.

Law & Order

Imperial sector capitals get the Imperial Security primary structure (builds Imperial Guards units). Random secession appears to be only 10% as common under this doctrine by default. The presence of Imperial Guards on sector capitals further decreases the risk of secession, rendering it effectively impossible as long as more than a few of these units are present. A L&O empire will has no real size limit as long as Imperial Guards are being built. Worlds with Imperial Guards are less likely to rebel and Imperial Guards will never join rebels.

Science & Technology

This doctrine exists in the game code but is not implemented.

Industry & Growth

This doctrine exists in the game code but is not implemented.

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