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Komoro Station is a Transcendence adventure set in the Outer Realm.


In this adventure the player is tasked with assembling pilots and mercenaries to defend Komoro Station. However, the limited forces are also being recruited by a Militia commander and the Kobol Warlords.


  • New player class (?)
  • The Kobol Syndicate
  • Xenophobes
  • Rogue Fleet


When the Commonwealth Fleet pulls back from the Heian system, the large settlement of Komoro is left undefended and vulnerable to attack by Kobol Warlords and Xenophobes. The player must organize the irregular forces in the area into a proper fighting force. Unfortunately, the player is opposed by the governor of Komoro, who does not believe in the threat, and by a cocky Militia commander who feels that he should be the one to lead.

More worryingly, a traitor inside Komoro is sabotaging the station's defenses, and until the player can discover them, the station will be in no position to defend itself.


  • Governor of Komoro
  • Militia Commander
  • Traitor


The player can hail ship traffic to hire them. Some recruits are permanent, such as refugees, but commercial ships will often leave after a time (or demand more pay).


The player is given a small budget, organized by some of Komoro's inhabitants, to hire mercenaries. The budget cannot be used frivolously or the citizens will not be willing to pay. Additionally, hiring outlaws or Rogue Fleet ships can cause the attitude of Komoro's governor toward the player to deteriorate.

  • Gaining the trust of the governor increases budget
  • Successfully defending the station increases budget
  • Hiring Rogue Fleet is cheap and gains the favor of citizens, but loses favor with governor

Sources of Recruits

Source Cost Combat Power Rarity Notes
Refugee colonies low low common Poorly equipped, usually IAVs
Commonwealth traffic med med common
Corporate traffic high high common
Rogue Fleet low High uncommonCan harm reputation
Ringers Ore resources Immense rareHiring Ringers requires giving up ore reserves, requires governor's support
Teratons Weapon resources Immense rare Teratons are powerful but unpredictable. Alternative to ringers if player doesn't have governor's support.


Possible recruits in the system will be taken by other factions over time, so the player must act fast to secure forces.

Kobol Warlords prey on refugee colonies and recruit well-armed private craft.

The Militia Commander seeks out only the best ships, with a preference for military craft.

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