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Corporate Hotel

Each hotel station has a different name, though all are functionally identical. Names include Beta Gemini Hotel, Honoku-Tomashi Hotel, Manchurian Oriental Hotel, Merchant Prince Hotel, Savanna Hotel, and Seven Sisters Hotel.

Hotels are friendly stations, appearing as green dots on your mini-map.


Buys % of base price
Luxury Items 125%
Food Items 110%
Other Items Bought Price Paid
Water Ice 9
Stimuzine Muscle-Enhancers 66
Medical Supplies 77
Biofactor Paste 143
Hypermycin 275

By going to the hotel's loading dock, you can sell a variety of goods. The hotel gives the best profit of any station for selling luxury goods. A profitable trade route is to buy as much of a single item from any ice farms you find, and sell them here.


By walking into the restaurant with an illegal item but no black market identification chip, you will encounter two brothers who wish to purchase the item from you. Most of the time, this results in a sale and obtaining a black market ID, but there is a 5% chance that you will be caught and forced to pay 1000 credits or else end the game. You can only do this once.

You will get different messages depending on whether or not you have an ID. If you have no ID and no illegal items, or no ID and the brothers are no longer present, you will get a message of feeling out of place. If you have a black market ID, you get a different message. It does not cost credits to dine at the restaurant.

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