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List of Lists

All of the item lists on one page.

List of Lists
All Items List
Use ctrl + f to find what you want.
List of Barrels
List of all barrels that can be encountered.
Cargo Holds
The various kinds of cargo holds available to players.
List of Reactors
List of all reactors that can be encountered.
List of Shields
Stops your armor from going boom.
List of Armors
Armor is the last defense against the harshness of space.
Weapon List
List of all weapons that can be encountered.
List of Misc. Devices
For those who want spoilers.
List of Misc. Items
List of all miscellaneous items that can be encountered.
List of Usables
List of all [U]sable items that can be encountered.
List of Drives
Drives enhance the speed and acceleration of a ship. Needed for freighters, unnecessary for Wolfens.
List of Fuels
List of Missiles and Ammo
Missiles and ammo encountered during a game. Spoiler warning.
List of Stations
Important stations and what you can do there.
List of Systems
For those impatient to get to Heretic.
List of Roms
Roms are used to identify space travelers and modify equipment.
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