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Syntax (typGetDataField unid attrib) → data
Arguments unid: The unid of the type you want to get the value of an attribute from.
attrib: The name of the attribute you want to get.
Returns data: The value of the attribute.
Category data, type, unid
Description Returns the value of an attribute for a type. The attributes we have access to are determined by the game engine.


There are many variants on this function, depending on the type and the attribute

(typGetDataField weaponUNID "ammoType") -> UNID of ammo used by weapon (Nil if weapon does not use ammo)
(typGetDataField launcherUNID "variantCount") -> number of missiles supported by launcher
(typGetDataField launcherUNID "ammoType:0") -> UNID of first missile type
(typGetDataField launcherUNID "ammoType:n") -> UNID of nth missile type
(typGetDataField weaponUNID "speed") -> shot speed
(typGetDataField sovereignUNID "name") -> name of sovereign
(typGetDataField weaponUNID "firerate") -> returns the firerate, 1000/n gives the value in ticks
(typGetDataField weaponUNID "repeatCount") -> returns the value of the weapon repeating attribute +1
(typGetDataField weaponUNID "isAlternating") -> returns a boolean (True/Nil)
(typGetDataField weaponUNID "sound") -> returns the UNID of the sound effect


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