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modding:unid_database [2018/10/02 00:44]
assumedpseudonym [User UNIDs — Shrike and SNAPSS were in the wrong order.]
modding:unid_database [2019/07/19 03:53]
xephyr [User UNIDs]
Line 184: Line 184:
 |0xDEF0|Pixelfck| |0xDEF0|Pixelfck|
 |0xDEF3|Tshark9999| |0xDEF3|Tshark9999|
 +|0xDEFA| Balentius|
 |0xDEFD|Heliogenesis| |0xDEFD|Heliogenesis|
 |0xDEFF|Xephyr| |0xDEFF|Xephyr|
Line 258: Line 259:
 |0xEF42|steelwing| |0xEF42|steelwing|
 |0xEF55|Deltax| |0xEF55|Deltax|
 |0xEFFB|IggZ0r (Cpt. Niceguy on the forums)| |0xEFFB|IggZ0r (Cpt. Niceguy on the forums)|
 |0xEFFC|[Temporary] Official Transcendence Patch For Stable Versions (Until Registered)| |0xEFFC|[Temporary] Official Transcendence Patch For Stable Versions (Until Registered)|
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