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  • <ShipTable> or <EncounterTable>. Runs multiple generators. All child generators may have chance (100 by default) and count (1 by default). Each generator is tested for chance and if successful will run a number of times based on count.
    • UNID=
    • <Ship>. Generates instances of a single ship type.
      • count=
      • class=
      • itemTable= Only applies if <Items> is not present.
      • maxShips=
      • sovereign=
      • orders=
      • patrolDist= Distance in light-seconds. Only applies if orders is “patrol”
      • controller=
      • eventHandler=
      • name= Only applies if <Names> is not present.
      • <Names>.
      • <Items>
      • <Escorts>
      • <InitialData>
      • <OnCreate>
    • <Group>. Same as <ShipTable>
    • <Table>. Runs only one of the child generators, chosen based on each generator's chance.
    • <LevelTable>. Runs only one of the child generators. Each child must have levelFrequency.
    • <Lookup>
      • count=
      • table=
    • <Null>.
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