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-\\ FIXME+====== Anacreon Eras ====== 
 +"​Eras"​ represent various stages of development of Anacreon. Prior to 2017, Eras were referred to as Alphas and Betas. There were 7 Alpha and 1 Beta eras before the first named era (which was Era 3). As of 2018, all existing Anacreon games had been updated to run Era 3 code, but retained features from previous eras such as legacy structures and map layouts. 
 +The original Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 and its Windows port are not considered eras, since they are essentially a completely different game. 
 +===== List of Eras ===== 
 +[[anacreon:​eras:​Era4| Era 4]] 
 +[[anacreon:​eras:​Era3| Era 3]] 
 +[[anacreon:​eras:​Beta1|Beta 1]] 
 +[[anacreon:​eras:​Alpha|Alpha Eras]]
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