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Empires, also known as “sovereigns”, are the individual participants in an Anacreon game; most represent an individual human player. An empire controls one or more planets which are allowed to engage in trade with one another. All units and resources produced by a planet in an empire belong to that empire. An empire has a single doctrine and a single imperial capital which is its most important planet.

Player Empires

Most empires in the game are under the control of a human player. Human players can send text messages to one another.

Creation of Player Empires

Only one empire is allowed per game per Kronosaur Multiverse account. It is permissible to join multiple games simultaneously, but you will have a different empire in each game.

Destruction of Player Empires

A player empire is destroyed when the last capital is conquered, if the player clicks the “Abdicate” button on the “Empire” tab, or if the player does not log into the game for 30 cycles.

When an empire is destroyed, all of its planets become independent and autonomous. These planets retain all units and resource stockpiles. All trade routes are destroyed and planets will begin to slowly revert to their fated tech level.

NPE Empires

NPE empires are present in some scenarios. These empires are not controlled by any player.

Mesophon Traders Union

Mesophon is a Trade & Enterprise empire. In the Fallen Worlds scenario, Mesophon has sector capitals and trading hubs distributed across the galaxy.

Trading with Mesophon

Trade route

Player Trade & Enterprise empires can establish trade routes to Mesophon worlds. These allow the player to sell resources in exchange for aes.

Sale from fleets

Any player can sell resources and ships by moving a fleet to a Mesophon world, selecting the fleet, and clicking the “Sell” button. The player then chooses which resources and ships they wish to sell.

Purchasing from Mesophon

Any player with sufficient aes can purchase fleets of any type of ships from a Mesophon world. This is achieved by moving any fleet to a Mesophon world and clicking the “Buy” button. Mesophon does not sell resources or ground units.

Mesophon activity

Mesophon should never do anything, since there is no AI controlling it. Some players reported seeing Mesophon fleets moving around and conquering worlds in Fallen Worlds Era 3. Players speculated that these were under the control of the developer, George Moromisato, who may have been testing elements of the game.

Warlord Empires

These are small NPC Fire & Movement empires, present at game start. They will never do anything, since there is no AI controlling them.

Independent Planets

Independent planets are not under the control of any empire. Any player can invade them without risk or penalty.

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