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Tech Level

All planets, units and resources have a technology level, or “TL”. Tech level determines what a planet can be designated as and what resources and units it can produce. Planetary TL also affects labor output, consumer goods consumption, and whether certain structures can be built. Player empires can modify planets' tech level.

Tech Level Effects

Resource consumption is in kT / million population.

Tech LevelNameorganic food consumptiondurable goods consumption luxury goods consumption

Effects that Modify Planetary Tech Level

Fated TL

All planets have a fated tech level that they will gradually revert to if they are not subject to another effect that modifies TL. Planets' fated TLs are determined at game start and cannot be permanently changed. Player actions that modify TL only last as long as the planet remains within a player empire.


Any planet given a designation other than “autonomous” will gradually increase in TL up to TL 5 if their TL is lower at any point. Many new designations, tech programs, and the starport structure (which doubles trade route range) become available at TL 5. If a player wants to give a planet a designation but its TL is currently too low, giving it a basic designation like consumer goods autofac is a good way to cause it to rise to a more useful TL.

Technology Programs

Technology programs are structures that convert a fraction of planetary labor into TL on a single planet. Programs can be used to raise TL up to TL 7 on most worlds and up to TL10 on the imperial capital.

Foundation Trade Route

Planets can gain TLs by importing them from a foundation planet using a trade route.

Resource Shortages

Planets will lose a fraction of a TL for each watch that the planetary population's demand for consumer goods or life support resources is not fully met. This loss of TL can be counteracted by TL-raising effects like tech programs and foundation trade routes.

Planetary Designations by Tech Level

See the designation page.

Resources by Tech Level

See the resources table.

Units by Tech Level

See the units table.

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