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 +====== Civil War ====== 
 +If a planetary population's [[anacreon:game:planets#social_order|social order]] is too low, it will enter a state of civil war. Planets undergoing civil war have a special red "!" icon overlaid on the [[anacreon:map]]. Civil wars occur on a planet-by-planet basis; there is no such thing as an empire-level civil war. When a planet revolts, a large portion of [[anacreon:game:units#ground_units|ground units]] stationed on it will join a hostile faction called the "rebels". Imperial Guards, produced under the [[anacreon:game:doctrine#Law_&_Order|Law & Order]] [[anacreon:game:doctrine]], will never join rebels.  
 +===== Rebel attacks ===== 
 +Every so often, rebels will automatically attack remaining ground units or your forces will counterattack the "rebel base" on the planet (the rebel base is not an actual [[anacreon:game:structures|structure]]). These attacks are mechanically different from normal [[anacreon:game:combat#ground_combat|ground combat]]. If all your loyalist forces on the planet are destroyed, after an unknown period of time the planet will leave your empire and become [[anacreon:game:empires:independent]]. If your [[anacreon:lexicon#ground_forces|ground forces]] strength is roughly 4x that of the rebels, the planet cannot go independent.  
 +===== Sentiment ===== 
 +Civilians will periodically join the rebels, increasing their [[anacreon:lexicon#ground_forces|ground forces]] strength. If you are able to increase the planet's [[anacreon:game:planets#social_order|social order]], sentiment will turn in favor of your empire. Sentiment can be monitored from the [[anacreon:News]] tab. Once your ground units have defeated all rebel units and sentiment favors your empire, the state of civil war will end.
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