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 ===== Key pages ===== ===== Key pages =====
- +[[anacreon:game|Game concepts]] | How the game works. | 
-The central concepts of Anacreon are summarized on the [[anacreon:game|game concepts page]]. Jargon is explained in the [[anacreon:lexicon]]. The [[anacreon:eras:era3:units|unit tables]] and [[anacreon:eras:era3:resources|resource tables]] give vital statistics for core gameplay elements.+[[anacreon:lexicon|Lexicon ]] | What game terms and jargon mean
 +[[anacreon:eras:era3:units|Unit tables]] | Units in the game | 
 +[[anacreon:eras:era3:resources|Resource tables]] | Resources in the game |
 ===== Gameplay Guides ===== ===== Gameplay Guides =====
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