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Name duranium ore
UNID &itDuralloyOre;
Level 5
Base value 350
Mass 1000 (1 ton)
Frequency uncommon
Station Sell Prices
Commonwealth Stations385
Corporate Trading Post385
Mining Colony315
Ringers (Rins)70
Teratons (Rins)70
Taikon Ventures (Rins)70
Station Buy Prices
Commonwealth Colony315
Corporate Enclave367
Corporate Trading Post297
Ringers (Rins)43

Game Description

“Duranium ore is a mixture of titanium, hexanium, and other exotic metals. Duranium is the primary component of Duralloy steel.”


A Tinker Gathering can use 5 Duranium Ore and 50 credits to produce a segment of duralloy armor.

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