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 +A MiscellaneousDevice is a device that does not fit in any particular category. Its user can invoke it to activate a special function. If the device has a capacitor, then it can only be invoked when the capacitor is full.
 +=====Basic Attributes=====
 +**powerUse=** The power consumed (in 1/10 MW) when the device is enabled
 +**powerToActivate=** The total power required to invoke the device
 +**capacitorPowerUse=** The power consumed (in 1/10 MW) as the capacitor is charging. The capacitor is charged by this amount every tick, or 30 times a second. Divide **powerToActivate** by **capacitorPowerUse** to find the time (in ticks) to fully recharge the capacitor
 +**powerRating=** Shows the minimum reactor size needed to use this device. Does not affect actual power consumption.
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