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 +Discuss this page on this page's [[TranscendenceExtension Talk Page|Talk Page]].
 +FIXME Please correct any inaccuracies.
 +This is only used for extensions (mod files that go in the extensions directory).  It is not included in the Transcendence [[|XML'd elementDocument]].
 +Actual examples of this in use can be seen in almost any mod, such as [[|Thrusters]].  It contains every element used in a Transcendence extension
 +  <TranscendenceExtension UNID="&ExtensionUNID;" version="1.0"  name="Thrusters v1.0" credits="Prophet">
 +      <Globals>
 +... skip ...
 +      <ItemType UNID="&itThrustReverse;" name="Reverse thrust" virtual="True" />
 +  </TranscendenceExtension>
 +===Sub elements and attributes===
 +**debugOnly=** This attribute can be set to "true" or "false". Extensions with debugOnly="true" are only loaded if the game is started in debug mode.
 +Go back to list of [[..:XML|tags]]
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