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 +Discuss this page on this page's [[UNID Talk Page|Talk Page]].
 +=== UNID ===
 +UNID stands for "universal (or unique, some says) identifier", 
 +which is required to define and store most in-game data (entities)
 +except hard-coded elements (such as the opening screen, background graphics, etc.)
 +It is the most characteristic background mechanism of Transcendence, 
 +and you need to set and define these UNIDs when you want to add your own new elements 
 +(ships, items, star systems, anything!) to the game (as "modding").
 +=== UNID Database ===
 +It is vitally important to avoid clashing UNIDs.  UNID ranges are thus reserved for different purposes, and notably, individual users can reserve a UNID range for their own mods.
 +See the [[..:UNID_Database]] for details.
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