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In Transcendence, a game second is a unit of time measurement. An actual second is equivalent to 30 ticks, which in turn is equivalent to 60 game seconds. Certain parameters use ticks as a unit of measurement, and some events are called after specific intervals measured in ticks. For instance:

  • If a weapon with a fireRate of 6 is fired continuously, it will wait 6 ticks (0.2 seconds) between shots; thus, its fire rate is 5 shots per second.
  • A weapon that has a counterUpdateRate of 60 will recharge the capacitor every 60 ticks (2 seconds), by the amount stated in its counterUpdate.
  • A shield with a depletionDelay of 90 and regenTime of 30 will, upon total depletion, wait for 90 ticks (3 seconds), before recharging itself by the amount stated in its regenHP every 30 ticks (1 second).
  • All <OnUpdate> events are called every 15 ticks (0.5 seconds).
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