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A device is an item that can be installed in a device slot to serve a particular function for its user. All the following elements are in this category.

  • <Weapon>
  • <Shields>
  • <MiscellaneousDevice>

All device elements can have these attributes

deviceSlotCategory= This specifies the slot type in which the device will be installed.

category= This is the same as deviceSlotCategory

  • “cargoHold” : A non-weapon device that usually changes a ship's cargo capacity. One slot per ship by default.
  • “drive” : A non-weapon device that usually changes a ship's maneuverability. One slot per ship by default.
  • “launcher” : A weapon device that launches a variety of missiles from the cargo hold. One slot per ship by default.
  • “miscDevice” : A non-weapon device with a miscellaneous purpose
  • “reactor” : A non-weapon device that provides power to a ship
  • “shields” : A non-weapon device that protects a ship from damage
  • “weapon” : A weapon device that allows a ship to attack

deviceSlots= The number of device slots that this device occupies. Can be zero or negative.

external= This device can be damaged by attacks that hit the armor.

maxHPBonus= The maximum enhancement to hitPoints (for shields and armor) or damage (for weapons and launchers) that this device can receive

omnidirectional= Weapons and launchers only. If “true”, then this device can auto-aim at enemies in any direction

overlayType= The overlay to be attached to this device. Appears at the position specified by posAngle, posRadius, and posZ

posAngle= Weapons only. The angle from the origin of the object to this device's installed position.

posRadius= Weapons only. The distance from the origin of the object to this device's installed position

posZ= Weapons only. Specifies the layer that this device will be drawn on.




They also inherit these properties

canBeDisabled= Weapons, shields, and miscellaneous devices only. Specifies whether this device can be deactivated.

capacitor Weapons and miscellaneous devices only.

temperature Weapons only.


fireArc Weapons only.


linkedFireOptions Weapons only.

omnidirectional Weapons only.

pos Weapons only.


secondary Weapons only.



type= The code name for this enhancement. Enhancements of the same type cannot stack

criteria= The item croteria that a device must satisfy in order to receive this enhancement

enhancement= The enhancement code that defines this enhancement.




This event returns the type of overlay to attach to this device. It is used in place of overlayType to display side-mounted weapons installed on ships. gSource is the object on which this device is installed. gItem is this device's itemStruct.


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