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A CyberDeckDevice is a miscellaneous (and usually virtual) device that carries out cyberattacks, which inflict special effects without physical damage. They are considered omnidirectional. Targets have a chance of detecting cyberattacks.

Basic Attributes

  • range= The maximum distance (in light-seconds) from which this device can affect targets
  • attackChance= The chance that this device will carry out an attack.
  • aiLevel= Used to determine whether this device will work against a certain target. If this value is greater than the target's cyberDefenseLevel, then all attacks will succeed. Otherwise, no attacks will succeed.
  • program= Determines what kind of effect that cyberattacks will have on targets.
    • “ShieldsDown”: Depletes the target's shield. Success rate is 50% plus 10% for each level that aiLevel is greater than the shield level. Effectiveness depends on the target's shield level. Not effective if target's shields are down.
    • “Disarm”: Disarms the target's primary weapon for a number of seconds between the value of aiLevel and twice that value. Success level is 50% plus 10% for each level that aiLevel is greater than the weapon level. Effective when the target is neither already disarmed nor paralyzed.
    • “Reboot”: Unknown
  • programName= The name that shows up when the target detects the cyberattack. Upon detection, the target receives a message consisting of “Cyberattack detected: ” followed by programName.
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