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Transcendence is a top-down space shooter with roguelike randomization set in the human-colonized area of known space. You play as a galactic pilgrim, called through your dreams to the galaxy's core by a mysterious god-like being known as Domina. You must make your way system by system, dealing with pirates, corporations, the military, and post-human factions on your way to the galactic core.

Transcendence was created by George Moromisato. He continues the active development of the game today. The current game includes Stars of the Pilgrim, the first chapter of the Domina and Oracus trilogy. Chapter two, The Vault of the Galaxy, is currently in open alpha, and Chapter Three is in early planning stages.

This first chapter is implemented as an adventure module; users can create their own modules that work independently of the original as well as creating adventure-inspecific addons.

The Transcendence engine is open-source save for the internet interface module; the XML and lisp code that implements the story, content, and much of the functionality is freely available to be used in extensions and the source art assets are available for download under the Creative Commons license.

Version 1.7 is the current stable version. Currently, there is no beta version. Most betas are very stable and add features requested by modders (and thus, many new mods require them), but several betas in the past have corrupted savegames or had other game-breaking bugs.

Welcome to Transcendence!


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Github Development Blog

Wiki Information

The Wiki is structured into categories to help make it easy to find items and information about both the game and the community. To get the index, either click the “Sitemap” button. Or click the link below.

Site Map

Recent Changes

Getting Started

New Users

If you're a new Pilgrim, you've come to the right place. These guides will help in making decisions for the early game of Transcendence.

Captain's Primer The basics for interacting with the game.
Choosing Your Ship Which ship to choose and what playstyles they favor.
Equipment for Early Game What gun to use and for what purpose.
Weapon Classification Weapons classified by our resident balance expert, Atarlost.
Miscellaneous Devices All the useful devices for powering up weapons and repairing armor.
Transcendence on Wine Help for installing Transcendence on something that's not Windows.
Keybindings for Settings.xml The various ways to set up Transcendence to match your personal tastes/keyboard.
Intro Easter Eggs Easter eggs that can be found in the introduction screen.
Weapon List List of weapons for the unacquainted.
Armor List List of armors for the unacquainted.
Shield List List of shields for the unacquainted.
The Commonwealth justice system A great writeup by PM explaining the best way to get out of jail.

Gameplay Tips

List of Lists Now with itself!
Domina Powers I→A!!!! (Now is I→1!!!! as of 1.1)
Armor VS Shields Which one to upgrade?
Binary Star Systems Systems with two stars.
Corporate Trading Post What to do when you finally find one.
Crates Are really common in space…
Galactic Map Used for galactic exploration.
Inherent Armor Resistivity Armor level does play a role in resistivity.
Mining Mining.
NonCritical Why enemy ships don't boom at 100% damage.
Omnidirectional Weapons that target on their own. Blasphemy!
Radiation Space STDs.
Weapon Chance Some ships don't have the same loadout…
Ship Database Lots of ships in Transcendence. Lots.
Command Line Switches Used for fun things like debug and running Transcendence in a window.
Spoilers Possible spoilers for the game but good to know nevertheless.


Modding is a very important part of the Transcendence experience, both making mods and playing with them can drastically alter one's game.

API Version Important information on new versions.
Modding Standards Needed when uploading to Xelerus. These standards need to be enforced more regularly.
Install Mods Installing mods is great to change core aspects of the game, and this is the go-to page if you're ever interested in knowing or don't know how to install them yet.
Tutorials and Useful Modding Info Pages Tutorials and assorted, arcane information about the game compiled by RPC.
Source Diving Starweaver's exploits in the source code.
Debugging Tools When the debuglog isn't enough.
Transcendence.tdb Interesting data gleaned from the database.
Reference Modding reference material, including syntax and functions.
Notes from George Great reference material from the creator himself.
Shield and Level adjustment curves For all your balance needs


Members List of who can activate on what.
Community Main Page Temporary Community Page till restructured.
Beginner's Guide to the Community A helpful guide written by Ttech. Linked again in case a newbie misses it.
Transcendence Forums Transcendence forums, where most discussion happens and George releases new betas.
Tracker The tracker is a great way for reporting bugs officially besides the Transcendence bug report forums.
Transcendence IRC IRC, where many modders reside and is very helpful for real-time support. Great for discussing about mods.
IRC Day Logs IRC Day is when George comes on. If you have a pressing/interesting question, ask on IRC Day.
Xelerus Xelerus is where most mods get uploaded. Make a great mod and it will get added to the recommended mods page on this wiki.
Usermap on Google Maps The place to find out where everyone is ingame! (Or rather, that's where people are OUT of the game.)
How to Add Yourself onto the Usermap It's a bit hard to modify the map, so here's a tutorial to help out those who are lost.
TransCom A place where you can find who's who, who does what & where to reach them. Curators: WillyTheSquid & RPC.
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