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This page provides links to pages about highlights of the transcendence community as well as to sites on which the community operates:

UNID Database

Please register your UNIDs Here

Xelerus: transcendence mods and resources:

NOTE: for rules regarding posting mods on xelerus, please see Xelerus Rules and Standards

official transcendence forums

NOTE: User accounts are ADMIN activated. To activate your account, please contact Wolfy at transcendenceactivationATgmailDOTcom for fastest response. You may also contact George Moromisato at transcendenceATneurohackDOTcom, or any of the channel staff in IRC.

official #transcendence IRC logs
temporary transcendence forums

NOTE: These forums are active and unlocked only during times when the official forums are down or under other extraordinary circumstances that would require their use.

unofficial transcendence forums

NOTE: Archived site. It is read-only.

Dvlenk6's image database

NOTE: OddBob has a few images hosted here as well

Wolfy's transcendence/transcendence modding forum

NOTE: Any modder may acquire a moderatable sub-forum on which he/she may host her mods (up to 10Mib per file). Guests may now download files!

Transcendence IRC



NOTE: Only use this for WIP/concept mods. Not for hosting completed mods.


NOTE: you need to register again to use this- it is separate from the wiki.


A user map for the Transcendence community.

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