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Weapon Enhancers and Misc Devices

Misc devices can make the difference between dominating your enemy and being dominated. Weapon enhancers will only affect a certain type of weapons and will only be identified if the enhancer device is installed on your ship while a valid weapon is also installed.

Here is a table of the enhancer devices and some stats to help you identify them even if you don't have the proper weapon installed.

Name Weight Energy device level
laser collimator 0.5 T 0.5 mW 1
cannon accelerator 0.5 T 1 mW 2
particle accelerator 1.5 T 10 mW 4
Makayev weapon enhancer 2 T 15 mW 5
high-speed howitzer loader 2 T 25 mW 6
Rasiermesser weapon enhancer 1.5 T 25 mW 6
Bushido weapon enhancer 2.5 T 40 mW 7
transpace jumpdrive 5 T 100 mW 7

Here is a list of the enhancers and an itemized list of the weapons that they will enhance.

laser collimator (dmg +75%): -Any primary weapon with laser damage type.

cannon accelerator (dmg +50%): -Any primary weapon with kinetic damage type.

particle accelerator (dmg +25%): -Any primary weapon with particle damage type.

Makayev weapon enhancer (dmg +75%): -Moskva 11 light turret, Moskva 21 dual cannon, Moskva 33 repeater, slam cannon, Heavy slam cannon, Mark I howitzer, Mark III howitzer,

high-speed howitzer loader (fire rate +30%): -Howitzer Mark I, Howitzer Mark III, Howizer Mark V, Fusion Fire Howitzer, (Ares) Hecates Cannon, Urak Howitzer,

Rasiermesser weapon enhancer (dmg +50%): -Smart cannon, Flenser, Dual flenser, Akan 30, Akan 600,

Bushido weapon enhancer (dmg +50%): -Omni particle cannon, shuriken neutron blaster, X-ray laser cannon, Hanzo blaster, katana star cannon, Ion Flame Cannon,

Other Misc Devices (Non Combat)

Name Weight EnergyDevice LevelDevice Slots
patcher arm 2 T 10 mW 4 1
ICX missile defense turret 1 T 1 mW 4 1
patch spider 2 T 1 mW 6 0
Longreach I autocannon 5 T 10 mW 7 1

Patcher arm. The patcher arm is a degraded version of the patch spider, and it can only repair armor up to LvL 10. It uses 1 device slot.

ICX missile defense turret. This is literally a lifesaver, as it is programed to target any incoming missile and shoot it to oblivion. (Note: Some missiles have more HP then others, making them harder to destroy).

Patch spider. The patch spider can repair armor up to LvL 12 (Note:The higher the LvL of the armor the slower it repairs) It also uses NO DEVICE SLOTS making it both very useful and efficient. Also, it is an external device, meaning that if you have it installed and ships shoot at your hull, there is a chance the patch spider will break. A great idea is to use the patch spider between battles, when there's nothing hitting the hull, and to keep them inside if

Longreach I autocannon. the Longreach I autocannon is just an updated version of the ICX, making it better at destroying incoming missiles, but way more expensive.

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