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2017 restructuring plans


  • Complete documentation of undocumented functions
  • Add “deprecated” notice on all deprecated functions
  • Detail the API version history as far back as possible.

Double check:

  • TopologyProcessor

And then:

  • Transdata documentation

Note: For design types, include reference to relevant engine files


This is a placeholder page for all the main pages for each namespace. Here are the namespaces:

community main page (this probably should just be community)

Succession games
Archive forum pages here?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

* RPC's note: I finished checking all links in the community namespace.
Finished the game:items namespace with a few exceptions.
Need to do game:lore namespace and this page since all the factions pages are gone.
Same with game:ship/ships since the namespace is messed up.
Fixed all of the game: namespace besides the issues noted above.
Need to have a list of namespaces on the style page.
sort out the misc namespace.
Finished the wiki: namespace.
Last on modding/xml/damage_descriptor

PAGES NOT DONE: (because I'm sure the links will change) ←– links to nonexistent pages even on the old wiki ←- needs fixing, like the armor page ←- duplicate? ←- fix! ←- fix!
two of them: [Needs merger]

PAGES THAT CANNOT BE DONE (Requires namespace movement and fixing) ←- fix!
The shields need an updated performance matrix:
Counted 51 shields in the .tdb, that means we are missing 13 shields.

empty pages here:
Fix the HP regen of these pages:
game:items:cyclotron_s55 – created rpc
2012/05/05 19:06 game:items:cyclotron_s10 – rpc
2012/05/05 19:06 game:items:laser_deflector – created rpc
2012/05/05 18:48 game:items:class_i_deflector – rpc
TVR> RPC: 30 / (rate/regenHP) = period
> Where regenHP = the number of HP added every interval
<TVR> Rate is the displayed HP per second
> And period is the number of ticks between each cycle
Luminous Documentation
Basic Debugging Guide
Update this page:←– Edit the events page from this page
fix the station page and Teraton fabricator page, they should be really useful right now but aren't due to the hard to read format.
Add objGetEquipmentStatus and objChangeEquipmentStatus to Xelerus and the wiki changelog as well as the ui music functions.
Could someone make a page on station buying limits? Exactly how they work, how to get the most out of selling, etc.
enhancers (like the roms and crystals)
and link all fuels on each reactor page.
Add the tutorials from modding reference to the wiki's list of tutorials.

Notes: -Katami- Sent 1 day, 5 hours, and 56 minutes ago: <RootPuddingSoup> recommend your perma challenge on the wiki >.>

-Katami- Sent 1 day, 3 hours, and 12 minutes ago: <RedParokeetCoos> wiki page for Katami funcs

-Katami- Sent 6 hours and 10 minutes ago: <RadishPlateCut> work on wiki and what G gave you in pms!

* RPC's note: I'm not doing the game:factions namespace just yet, but there were many pages from the old namespace that did not make the cut. Will need to recover them.
* Ttech's Note: If there are missing pages we need to get a list of the, I can recover them

Moved Sisters of Domina from misc:refile to game:stations.
This page survived surprisingly :D
The armor page just died though.
The zoanthropes page has issues too, I don't know what happened to all the nice text.

* Ttech's note: wiki does not need any content, its used internally strangely. Sandbox is at sandbox
* Ttech's note: I'm wondering if for pages like community - we should move the current main page to something like info and then move community main page to community - that way when someone types in we load up a list of indexes rather then a big content page?
RPC: sure ttech, sounds like a great idea. I also made the main page ideas section here b/c I don't want to clutter up the real main page. Below are suggested edits.

Ttech: As for the main page I think what we need to do is provide some way for tables of rss feeds to be in the top and branch down from there, something like the wikipedia is doing. Shield Update thingy:

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