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TransData v2.5
Copyright © 2001-2012 by Kronosaur Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

level category frequency shortName
1 Armor C ultra light titanium armor
1 Armor UC light ceramic armor
1 Armor UC light reactive armor
1 Armor UC light titanium armor
1 Armor UC titanium armor
1 Device UC laser collimator
1 Fuel C helium³ fuel rod
1 Misc C hydrocarbons
1 Misc C laudanum ampule
1 Misc C water ice
1 Misc C titanium ore
1 Misc UC grade B grains
1 Misc UC frozen supplies
1 Misc UC frozen beef cylinders
1 Misc UC Kennebec Salmonite
1 Misc UC hydrogen gas
1 Misc UC Tempus syrette
1 Misc R white rice
1 Misc R carved prayer stone
1 Misc R Stimuzine muscle-enhancers
1 Misc R cask of Venusian Hellas rum
1 Misc R uranium ore
1 Misc NR data ROM labeled “Heretic research”
1 Misc NR Korolov shipping container
1 Shield UC class I deflector
1 Shield UC Cyclotron S10 deflector
1 Shield R laser deflector
1 Useful C armor repair paste
1 Useful C small armor patch
1 Useful UC autopilot ROM
1 Useful UC ablative armor coating
1 Useful UC reactive armor coating
1 Useful UC laser amplifier
1 Useful NR data ROM
1 Useful NR Rowena's Weapons and Armor: Volume I
1 Weapon C laser cannon
1 Weapon UC Centauri recoilless
1 Launcher UC DM600 disposable missile rack
1 Weapon UC recoilless cannon
1 Weapon R light recoilless cannon
2 Armor C heavy titanium armor
2 Armor UC ceramic armor
2 Armor UC light Sung armor
2 Armor UC reactive armor
2 Armor UC titanium barricade
2 Armor R light Urak armor
2 Armor R XMH armor
2 Device UC cannon accelerator
2 CargoHold UC cargo hold expansion
2 Misc C grade A grains
2 Misc C heavy water
2 Misc C Martian nori
2 Misc C frozen synthetic chicken
2 Misc UC bootleg Star Wars 3DV
2 Misc UC medical supplies
2 Misc UC Red Nebula beer
2 Misc UC spool of carbon fiber
2 Misc UC plasteel ore
2 Misc R Charles River sparkling water
2 Misc R neolinen
2 Misc R Martian Merlot
2 Misc R helium regolith
2 Misc VR black market identification chip
2 Missile C KM100 Longbow missile
2 Missile UC SmartCannon round
2 Shield UC class II deflector
2 Shield UC hull plate ionizer
2 Useful C organic acid
2 Useful C visual display enhancement ROM
2 Useful UC carbon-weaver nanos
2 Useful UC defective visual display ROM
2 Useful UC shield enhancement ROM
2 Useful UC system map ROM
2 Useful R blue cash card
2 Useful R kinetic upgrade
2 Weapon C Bolide laser blaster
2 Weapon C heavy recoilless cannon
2 Weapon UC dual laser cannon
2 Weapon UC fast-fire laser cannon
2 Weapon UC TK10 Trident cannon
2 Launcher R DM1500 disposable missile rack
2 Weapon R mining laser
3 Armor C light plasteel armor
3 Armor UC double titanium barricade
3 Armor UC heavy ceramic armor
3 Armor UC heavy reactive armor
3 Armor R Dwarg chiton armor
3 Armor R hardened reactive armor
3 Armor R photo-organic armor
3 Armor R polymesh armor
3 Reactor UC Nova-25 reactor
3 Device UC tritium propulsion upgrade
3 CargoHold R miners's cargo hold
3 Device R solar panel array
3 Fuel UC uranium fuel rod
3 Misc C frozen megathere meat
3 Misc C roll of hyperfiber
3 Misc C palladium ore
3 Misc UC Eridani mineral water
3 Misc UC biofactor paste
3 Misc UC neolinen business suit
3 Misc UC liquid oxygen
3 Misc R photocotton
3 Misc R Australian Chardonnay
3 Misc R Europan Ice vodka
3 Misc R jewel of contemplation
3 Misc R Booster
3 Misc R Segway antigrav platform
3 Misc R cobalt-thorium ore
3 Misc VR Abbasid thanogram
3 Missile C 400 hexagene MAG
3 Missile C KM110 Starburst missile
3 Missile UC KM120 Brute missile
3 Shield UC Cyclotron S55 deflector
3 Shield UC monopole deflector screen
3 Shield R Solon shield generator
3 Useful C AutoSentinel®
3 Useful C particle resistance coating
3 Useful C large armor patch
3 Useful UC decon gel
3 Useful UC repairing nanos
3 Useful UC targeting program ROM
3 Useful UC weapon optimizer ROM
3 Useful R reflective armor coating
3 Useful VR Centauri nanos
3 Useful VR Charon base map ROM
3 Useful VR defective weapon enhancement ROM
3 Weapon C DK10 Arbalest cannon
3 Launcher C NAMI missile launcher
3 Weapon C turbolaser cannon
3 Weapon UC AK15 Partisan cannon
3 Weapon UC dual recoilless cannon
3 Weapon UC Rasiermesser SmartCannon
3 Weapon R blinder cannon
3 Weapon R CLAW cannon
3 Weapon R heavy CLAW cannon
3 Weapon R laser cannon array
3 Weapon R Moskva 11 light turret
3 Weapon R omnidirectional laser cannon
3 Weapon R Urak mass driver
4 Armor C plasteel armor
4 Armor C polyceramic armor
4 Armor UC quad titanium barricade
4 Armor UC advanced reactive armor
4 Armor UC Tevlar-composite armor
4 Armor R depleted uranium armor
4 Armor R heavy Urak armor
4 Armor R light meteorsteel
4 Armor R solar armor
4 Armor R V10 powered armor
4 Device UC ICX missile defense turret
4 Reactor UC Nova-50 reactor
4 Device UC particle accelerator
4 CargoHold UC smuggler's cargo hold
4 Device R patcher arm
4 Fuel C helium³ reactor assembly
4 Misc C Centauri rice
4 Misc C digital wrist computer
4 Misc UC Kobe spring water
4 Misc UC hypermycin
4 Misc UC cerallox ore
4 Misc UC gold ore
4 Misc R silk
4 Misc R Bombay Sapphire gin
4 Misc R frozen Hogei salmon
4 Misc R xenotite ore
4 Misc VR Commonwealth military identification chip
4 Missile C 600 hexagene MAG
4 Missile C Akan 30 cannon shell cartridge
4 Missile C Dragonfly missile cartridge
4 Missile C KM500 Stiletto missile
4 Missile R XM300 Reaper missile
4 Shield UC Ceratops 1T quasi-armor
4 Shield UC class III deflector
4 Shield UC Cyclotron S1200 deflector
4 Shield UC R1 deflector
4 Useful UC Akan 30 ammunition box
4 Useful UC degenerating nanos
4 Useful UC radioactive waste
4 Useful UC defective auton
4 Useful UC military map ROM
4 Useful UC particle source upgrade
4 Useful UC superconducting coil
4 Useful R 300D defender auton
4 Useful R 310A aegis auton
4 Useful R 330M mule auton
4 Useful R anti-radiation coating
4 Useful R regenerating nanos
4 Useful R gold cash card
4 Useful VR Hiro's shield optimizer
4 Useful NR Rowena's Weapons and Armor: Volume II
4 Weapon C particle beam weapon
4 Weapon C slam cannon
4 Weapon UC dual turbolaser cannon
4 Launcher UC MAG launcher
4 Weapon UC omnidirectional turbolaser cannon
4 Weapon UC PK25 Morning Star cannon
4 Weapon R actinide waste cannon
4 Weapon R advanced Urak mass driver
4 Weapon R AK505 Ballista cannon
4 Weapon R Dwarg xiphon cannon
4 Weapon R Flenser relativistic cannon
4 Weapon R Moskva 21 dual cannon
4 Weapon R Penitent cannon
4 Weapon R RK15 Partisan turret
5 Armor C ceralloy armor
5 Armor C heavy plasteel armor
5 Armor UC light blast plate
5 Armor UC Sung armor
5 Armor R Dwarg catoptric armor
5 Armor R hardened plasteel armor
5 Armor R heavy meteorsteel
5 Armor R Luminous armature
5 Device UC Heisenmachines quantum CPU
5 Device R Makayev weapon enhancer
5 Reactor R Nova-100 reactor
5 Device NR MRAD experiment
5 Fuel C xenotite fuel rod
5 Fuel R Heliotrope fuel cylinder
5 Misc C Misato sake
5 Misc C artificial plasma
5 Misc C frozen natural ham
5 Misc C genuine leather boots
5 Misc UC Exile Starport Champagne
5 Misc UC natural periweed
5 Misc UC optical knowledge array
5 Misc UC duranium ore
5 Misc UC platinum ore
5 Misc R calligraphy scroll
5 Misc R Hennessy cognac
5 Misc R Commonwealth Medal of Distinction
5 Misc R fusion trigger
5 Misc R gram of unlicensed cancer dust
5 Misc R Humagen heart and lungs prosthesis
5 Misc R slave coffin
5 Misc R pteracnium ore
5 Misc NR bellfruits
5 Misc NR lucumas
5 Misc NR strawberries
5 Misc NR white peaches
5 Misc NR sealed container with black markings
5 Missile C 800F hexagene MAG
5 Missile C Nandao bolt cartridge
5 Missile C White Strelka missile
5 Missile UC Dwarg cnidocyst nodule
5 Missile UC KM550 Broadsword missile
5 Shield C Yoroi S100 shield generator
5 Shield UC Nephren P25 shield generator
5 Shield R superconducting shield generator
5 Shield NR class V deflector
5 Useful C light armor repair kit
5 Useful C White Strelka ammunition box
5 Useful UC monopole dust
5 Useful UC contaminated ammunition box
5 Useful UC hexagene booster
5 Useful UC ShieldPower v3.1.8 algorithm cube
5 Useful R 1M battle auton
5 Useful R ShieldPower v1.0 algorithm cube
5 Useful NR thioseptal
5 Weapon C Akan 30 cannon
5 Weapon C dual particle beam weapon
5 Launcher C Makayev launcher
5 Weapon C Shuriken neutron blaster
5 Weapon UC heavy slam cannon
5 Weapon UC lancer cannon
5 Weapon UC mark I howitzer
5 Weapon UC Moskva 33 repeater
5 Weapon R dual Flenser cannon
5 Weapon R Dwarg cnidocyst cannon
5 Weapon R EMP cannon
5 Weapon R omnidirectional particle cannon
5 Weapon R x-ray laser cannon
5 Weapon VR sunflare cannon
5 Weapon VR Urak howitzer
6 Armor C blast plate
6 Armor C light Omsk armor
6 Armor UC advanced plasteel armor
6 Armor UC heavy ceralloy armor
6 Armor UC light Tharsis plate
6 Armor R Duralloy armor
6 Armor R heavy Sung armor
6 Armor R stealth armor
6 Device UC Titan 440 fusion drive
6 Reactor R 150NX reactor
6 Device R high-speed howitzer loader
6 Device R patch spider
6 Device R Rasiermesser weapon enhancer
6 Misc C neuranase
6 Misc C Terran eggs
6 Misc UC rejuv tank fluid
6 Misc UC California Cabernet Sauvignon
6 Misc UC orthosteel ore
6 Misc R death cube
6 Misc R human organ
6 Misc R dried Europan ice moss
6 Misc R tailored silk suit
6 Misc R chronimium gas
6 Misc VR Commonwealth Medal of Honor
6 Misc NR Incandescent coffee
6 Missile C Green Strelka missile
6 Missile C kiloton cannon shell
6 Missile UC JB2 shield buster MAG
6 Missile UC ZG24 cluster MAG
6 Shield C R5 deflector
6 Shield UC Ceratops 5T quasi-armor
6 Shield UC Mammoth 25MW deflector
6 Shield UC Yoroi S500 shield generator
6 Shield R Cydonian shield generator
6 Shield R Invincible-class deflector
6 Shield R mark I Omsk deflector
6 Shield VR Luminous blast shield
6 Shield VR Luminous ion shield
6 Shield VR Luminous particle shield
6 Shield VR Luminous thermo shield
6 Useful C ion resistance coating
6 Useful C Cluster MAG ammunition box
6 Useful C green etherium field crystal
6 Useful UC meteorsteel dust
6 Useful UC Contraband ammunition box
6 Useful UC Scramble1.5 algorithm cube
6 Useful UC ShieldEfficiency v1.2.5 algorithm cube
6 Useful R 1M/i battle auton
6 Useful R longzhu sphere
6 Useful R platinum cash card
6 Weapon C mark III howitzer
6 Weapon C TeV 9 blaster
6 Weapon UC Akan 600 turret
6 Weapon UC Dragonfly missile system
6 Weapon R Dwarg behemoth cannon
6 Weapon R Nandao bolt cannon
6 Weapon R plasma torch
6 Weapon NR PM6 Slicer cannon
7 Armor C advanced ceralloy armor
7 Armor UC Gusoku armor
7 Armor UC heavy blast plate
7 Armor UC light orthosteel armor
7 Armor R Dwarg holochroal armor
7 Armor R P150 Hexphase armor
7 Armor NR Dragon armor
7 Armor NR Dvalin armor
7 Device R Bushido weapon enhancer
7 Device R inertialess drive
7 Device R Longreach I autocannon
7 Reactor R SN2500 reactor
7 Device R transpace jumpdrive
7 Fuel C pteracnium fuel rod
7 Misc C jinn-khan
7 Misc C Neuros personal media player
7 Misc UC Icelandic salmon
7 Misc UC Microsaur™
7 Misc UC ithalium ore
7 Misc R Ares Campaign Ribbon
7 Misc R cyanavir
7 Misc R CDM archive
7 Misc R vessel of boson condensate
7 Misc VR promethium crystal
7 Misc NR unmarked data ROM
7 Missile C Ares micronuke
7 Missile C CRM100 Fatboy mine
7 Missile UC 3K siege MAG
7 Missile UC Red Strelka missile
7 Missile UC thermo cannon shell cartridge
7 Missile UC XM900 Lucifer missile
7 Shield UC Mammoth 50MW deflector
7 Shield UC Nephren B700 shield generator
7 Shield UC Yoroi MX shield generator
7 Shield R R5-B deflector
7 Shield R Trenton field generator
7 Shield VR Cydonian heavy shield generator
7 Shield NR Dragon shield generator
7 Useful C medium armor repair kit
7 Useful C molbidium field crystal
7 Useful UC booby-trapped ammunition box
7 Useful UC decayed etherium field crystal
7 Useful UC thermo cannon ammunition box
7 Useful R dyon dust
7 Useful R ion power capacitor
7 Useful R Luminous 5care algorithm
7 Useful VR gem of despair
7 Weapon C Katana star cannon
7 Weapon C thermo cannon
7 Weapon C tritium cannon
7 Weapon UC Ares lightning cannon
7 Weapon UC dual TeV 9 blaster
7 Weapon UC kiloton cannon
7 Weapon UC mark V howitzer
7 Launcher UC NAMI mine launcher
7 Weapon R Hanzo blaster
7 Weapon R ion disruptor
7 Launcher R NM900 external missile pod
7 Weapon R omnidirectional TeV 9 blaster
7 Weapon R Xenophobe ion lancer
8 Armor C orthosteel armor
8 Armor UC light ithalium armor
8 Armor UC quadrocarbide armor
8 Armor UC Tharsis plate
8 Armor R carbide carapace
8 Armor R medium Omsk armor
8 Armor R P450 Hexphase armor
8 Armor R transuranic armor
8 Armor R V300 powered armor
8 Armor R worldship armor plate
8 Reactor R Koshiba-500 reactor
8 Misc C cryofrozen prime beef
8 Misc C neutronium ore
8 Misc UC Ringer spice
8 Misc UC portable autodoc
8 Misc R quantum vacuum
8 Misc R human cadaver
8 Misc R crystalline uranium
8 Missile C Gotha-10 missile
8 Missile UC 98R high-flux MAG
8 Missile UC CRM500 Running Man mine
8 Missile UC TM7 warhead
8 Shield C plasma shield generator
8 Shield UC Mammoth 100MW deflector
8 Shield UC Taikon-10 deflector
8 Shield R ion reflector
8 Shield R mark II Omsk deflector
8 Shield R R9 deflector
8 Useful UC ithalium paste
8 Useful UC blue etherium field crystal
8 Useful UC Red Strelka ammunition box
8 Useful UC tritium injector
8 Useful R diamond field crystal
8 Useful VR gem of contrition
8 Useful VR Luminous 7ame algorithm
8 Useful NR Rowena's Weapons and Armor: Volume III
8 Weapon C Fusionfire howitzer
8 Weapon C ion blaster
8 Weapon UC Ares micronuke cannon
8 Weapon UC ion flame cannon
8 Weapon UC omnidirectional thermo cannon
8 Launcher UC Rasiermesser launcher
8 Weapon UC TM7 multitarget cannon
8 Launcher R Ares launcher
8 Weapon VR Ares lightning turret
8 Weapon VR Hecates cannon
8 Weapon NR Dvalin Ion9 cannon
9 Armor C heavy orthosteel armor
9 Armor UC hexacarbide armor
9 Armor UC ithalium armor
9 Armor R heavy Omsk armor
9 Armor R heavy Tharsis plate
9 Armor VR P1300 Hexphase armor
9 Device UC pteracnium megadrive
9 Reactor VR Hyperion reactor
9 Fuel C hadron-vacuum fuel cell
9 Misc C Bariani olive oil
9 Misc C tetramite ore
9 Misc UC New Coke
9 Misc UC cerusite crystal
9 Misc R hierolith crystal
9 Misc R precision ithalium watch
9 Misc R hadron archeolith
9 Missile C Gotha-400 seeker
9 Missile UC S3 Medusa missile
9 Missile R Ares Warhammer nuke
9 Missile R Black Strelka missile
9 Missile R M2 Vulcan missile
9 Shield UC Nephren X1 shield generator
9 Shield R Iocrym veil
9 Shield R Jotun deflector
9 Shield VR Kaidun shield generator
9 Useful C heavy armor repair kit
9 Useful UC orthosteel nanos
9 Weapon C heavy ion blaster
9 Weapon UC advanced tritium cannon
9 Weapon UC Ares positron cannon
9 Launcher UC NAMI heavy launcher
9 Weapon R Kytryn blaster
9 Weapon R omnidirectional ion blaster
9 Weapon VR Gaian demolition cannon
9 Weapon NR Ferian plasma cannon
9 Weapon NR Qianlong archcannon
10 Armor C diamond lattice armor
10 Armor UC heavy ithalium armor
10 Armor UC octocarbide armor
10 Armor VR massive Tharsis plate
10 Misc C jasmine pearl tea
10 Misc C malachite crystal
10 Misc UC Ringer ambrosia
10 Misc UC hyperonic ore
10 Misc R Imperial caviar
10 Misc R etherium ore
10 Misc NR inert metal sphere
10 Missile R M5 Nemesis missile
10 Shield R Lazarus shield generator
10 Shield R Taikon-200 deflector
10 Useful NR Iocrym sentinel virus
10 Useful NR neurohack ROM
10 Weapon R IM90 multitarget blaster
10 Launcher R Kytryn launcher
10 Weapon R plasma cannon
10 Weapon R positron lancer
10 Weapon VR Ares plasma archcannon
10 Weapon VR Iocrym Fracture cannon
10 Weapon VR Iocrym repeller
10 Weapon NR Lamplighter archcannon
10 Weapon NR Project Lamplighter prototype
11 Armor C light Iocrym armor
11 Armor UC neutronium armor
11 Useful UC yellow etherium field crystal
12 Armor UC heavy Iocrym armor
12 Device R Iocrym healer
12 Misc NR Iocrym cybernetic tower
12 Missile UC Kytryn plasma pod
12 Useful VR gem of sacrifice
12 Useful NR Rowena's Weapons and Armor: Volume IV
12 Weapon R Iocrym Avalanche cannon
13 Missile R Quantumsphere shell
13 Shield R Iocrym cocoon
13 Weapon VR Quantumsphere disintegrator
15 Armor UC dark matter armor
15 Misc NR stargate control rod
16 Useful NR Rowena's Weapons and Armor: Volume V
21 Armor UC hierosteel armor

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