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Modding is a big part of Transcendence. By creating a mod you can change the game for yourself, and share those changes with others. You can make it easier or harder, you can fly different ships or create entire new universes. Transcendence mods are very flexible, having a complex xml syntax and a scripting language to create dynamic mods. On this page we will try to introduce you to using mods, show off some of the best mods made by the community and introduce you to making your own mods.

Finding Mods

Xelerus is the current go-to website for mod downloads. All downloadable mods are accessible through the Mods tab at the top of each page and are sorted into various categories.

Installing/Removing Mods

Mods are designed to run once they are placed inside an /Extensions subfolder within Transcendence's game folder. Likewise, removing them from the /Extensions folder will delete them. In addition, adding an underscore (_) in front of a file name will cause Transcendence to ignore the entire file. Mods contained in folders with an underscore in front of their name will not run until the underscore is removed.

On Xelerus, mods are enclosed within a .zip file. To install a mod downloaded from Xelerus, extract the contents of the .zip file into the /Extensions subfolder. Deleting a mod downloaded from Xelerus is done in the same way as a normal mod.

Be advised that saved games which were started with mods installed are unlikely to load if mods are deleted.

See Also

Building Mods

Building a mod is a big subject that cannot be covered in a tutorial. We will attempt to give an overview and mention the best resources for becoming a good modder.

UNID Database

Editing Tools

All software versions updated on 2012/08/25 at 21:09

This section lists several software that can be used to create mods for Transcendence. The list is divided into four categories.


    • Current stable version: 6.1.6
    • Current stable version: 4.5.2
    • Latest version: 5.0pre1

2D Graphics

3D Graphics


Extracting the Source

The game's source code can be obtained through the use of TransData. Alternatively, the game's source code can be downloaded in its entirety from GitHub.

Sharing Mods

Rules and standards on uploading mods may be viewed here. Transcendence's forum rules also apply.

Xelerus Featured Mods Criteria

Recommended Mods

This is a community maintained list of mods that have been found to work well, provide unique gameplay, use interesting effects and in general contains what we think are the best mods around. If you have suggestions of your own, well, you know what to do. This is a list of recommended mods (this link is out of date). There's a new mod category on to go along with the updated version of this page.

Official Extensions

Official extensions are mods that have been approved by George Moromisato as being part of the canonical Transcendence Universe (one of the many universes in the Transcendence Multiverse).

Official Extensions

Random Notes

For 1.08g and above playership mods need attributes= “00200000_PlayerShip” to be selected for D&O. This is because of new changes to topology code.

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