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This section is currently curated by WillyTheSquid. New mods are added periodically, when an update of this page is (over)due. IRC-using community members are unofficially polled about their preferred mods for inclusion; other mods are included after extended playtesting. Candidate mods can also be nominated on the Recommended Mods “talk” page. Finally, mods that receive a significant amount of upvotes or positive community buzz also qualify for inclusion.

Once a mod is mentioned on this page, it will be added to the “Recommended Mods” category on the mod database. Mods removed from this page (usually due to being replaced with a better option or included in a mod pack) will bear the “Prior Recommended Mods” tag instead.

Balanced, quality new playerships

Agauptera-Class Yacht by Bobby

“The Agauptera is an experiment in bio-mechanical hybrid systems. It's big for a yacht, and proves quite versatile, though lacking in luxury.”

What can it do?
* Repair itself, slowly;
* Mark nearby stations on the map;
* Gather information on the targeted object;*
* Determine what type of threat enemy ships in the area pose (radiation, EMP, etc.);*^
* Show a temporary graphical representation of all active nearby objects;*^
* Get “bored”.

* = ability must be learned.
It learns by “seeing” ships, and keeping a running count of how many, and of how many different types.

Osaka-Class Transport by Azar Wolf

This ship first made its debut in George Moromisato's Frontier, the game that would one day bring Transcendence into creation.

Stalwart-Class Gunship by Aeonic

“The Stalwart-class, manufactured by Infinity Aerospace, was designed primarily for defensive roles. With support for up to six weapon mounts, the Stalwart can easily be prepped to fend off any unwanted visitors at a moment's notice. You will also find no shortage of support for useful devices on board this ship. Another notable feature of the Stalwart-class is its ability to equip unusually heavy segments of armor for its size. Maxing out at 15 tons per segment, it can easily be turned into a flying tank.”

The Stalwart is a full-blown custom player ship with everything that a custom player ship could possibly need. It also includes friendly variations of the same ship which you will see flying trade routes throughout the various systems.

Starlight-Class Cruiser by Aeonic

“The Starlight-class cruiser, manufactured by Infinity Aerospace. While ultimately an exploration vessel, this ship can be fitted to perform various roles. Because of its optimal cargo capacity, with proper upgrades it can easily perform the role of a freighter. Our more indulgent users may appreciate the ship's panoramic observation deck, making this ship a spectacular choice for pleasure cruisers. Deluxe models come equipped with a 180 degree adjustable turret located at the front of the vessel for superior defense from the dangers of space.”

The Starlight is a full-blown custom player ship with everything that a custom player ship could possibly need. It also includes friendly variations of the same ship which you will see flying trade routes throughout the various systems.

New items, equipment and stations

Micro Factory Module by Blaze

A microfactory module, it's like a tinker station that you can carry around. The items are completely different from what you'd normally be able to process and get from a normal tinkering though.

Tinkering with this module is free, but it weighs 25 tons and costs ~100,000. Think of it as a long term investment. This is a peaceful module, so no weapons.

ASW Mods Updated 2011 by DOSBox-gamer

One zip containing a variety of individual mods, all released previously by the author and all updated for 2011. Let's see, the Advanced Duralloy and Stealth armors have been joined by a new Gravimetric Armor (very useful in Iocrym space), the shields pack has now been increased to 11 varieties, and… can't remember the rest.

Auton Assembly Hangar by PM

This adds a new cargo hold expansion device, the auton assembly hangar. As with other cargo hold expansions, the assembly hangar adds cargo space, 50 tons to be exact. In addition, the assembly hangar has the special ability of building (and naming) custom autons equipped with armor and devices selected from items stored in the assembly hangar. The assembler rejects items that are alien, illegal, or weigh over 6 tons. Military items require military ID or the assembler will reject them too. The assembly hangar may be found for sale at auton dealers, but it is expensive at over 10,000 credits. All autons may be recycled by docking with them. In addition, autons may be equipped with ammo and launchers. Mules may be equipped with a miner's hold, which increases capacity and lets them attract and collect ore.

Items Pack 912 v3 by PM

This mod features dozens of items that include weapons (and enhancers that power up some of them), shields, armor, and stations that sell these items. Also included are linked fire versions of weapons for Playership Drones 4.

Reactors Pack 912 by PM

This pack contains three separate minor mods under the reactors category. Each mod is contained within its own xml file, and any combination of them may be used.

Brief descriptions for each mod:

* Upgrade Menu: Selecting the “Upgrade reactor” option at various stations will offer a menu of reactors you can upgrade to. You no longer need to buy a chain of reactors to get the one you want. Also, the Arcology at St. Katherine's is capable of upgrading a reactor up to 150 MW, and Commonwealth Fortresses can upgrade reactors up to 250 MW. This file overwrites every station with an upgrade reactor option.

* Slotless Reactors: In standard Transcendence, one device slot is almost always taken by a reactor. As such, they constitute a device slot tax. This mod overwrites every reactor to make them slotless.

* Solar Reactors: Adds a series of solar powered reactors, starting at 100MW and ending at 1GW. These are slotless too.

Slaver Pack 912 by PM

Transcendence seems fascinated with slaves. You cannot sell them without ending your game, but you can do other things, good or bad, to the slaves; and the game tracks most such activities. This pack adds three mods that either let the player do something EVIL to slaves and profit from it, or enable the player to collect more slaves in unlawful ways.

* Deadly Doctor: Player can use a portable autodoc to harvest organs from a slave coffin.

* Napper Auton: When used, it attempts to infiltrate a given target, abduct someone, place the victim into a slave coffin, and return to the playership with the coffin.

* Slave Furnace: An illegal device that converts slave coffins into fuel usable by the ship's reactor. Refueling a reactor this way also has a 50% chance of repairing or enhancing it in the process. Yes, this is based on the special ability of Druuge Mauler ships in Star Control 2.

Item Repair Framework by Prophet

This mod creates 9 new items for repairing weapons, shields and devices. It uses a basic skill that will reduce your chances of destroying the item as you progress.

Weapons Extended 4.10 by digdug & Atarlost

~800 weapons for your enjoyment! All weapons, ammunition and shields are randomized on all ships. New barrels, ammo, shields, devices and new ships.

See this forum thread for more details.

WE5 is in the final stages of development, and it's bigger and better than ever. So many of the weapons are a joy to use, offering unique gameplay mechanics. Want to give it a spin yourself? Drop by on IRC and type:
~WE5 in the main Transcendence channel.

Weapon Labs by sdw195

Build your own weapon, for the first time in Transcendence history, you can Create a totally new weapon from an in game station! About 35000 variants available!

Recycle your old weapon to get parts for a new one, or find parts and get the weapon you saw in that station over there,

Balance suggestions are always welcome, as are ideas and other comments.

Thanks to WillyTheSquid for graphics (pixel editing, adding lighting, recoloring), to Transgeek for ideas and some code work, and to Amariithynar for a bit of testing,
And All the guys on IRC for support!

All non-mission vanilla weapons are recyclable.

See the forum thread for more details.

400+ New Weapons by TheLastBrunnenG

These mods add over 400 new weapons to the game. These work independently of each other. The new weapons are split into separate files by configuration. Most are variants of stock weapons, with plenty of surprises thrown in.

Weapon variants:
* Array - 46 new weapons;
* Multi-target array - 41 new weapons;
* Dual - 39 new weapons;
* Omni - 65 new weapons;
* Omni Array - 41 new weapons;
* Omni Dual - 40 new weapons;
* Unique - 39 new weapons;
* Launchers - 28 new Launcher-slot versions of ammo-using weapons such as Dragonfly and Kiloton, plus new disposables;
* Non-missile weapons as launchers - 81 stock weapons (lasers, particle beams, etc.) installable in the launcher slot).

New Armors by TheLastBrunnenG

Adds 42 new armor types to the game. Place these files in the extensions directory inside your Transcendence installation. These should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

Adds Ultralight, Light, Heavy, and Massive versions of many stock armors. Some of them aren't called “Light …” armor; for example, the light version of Diamond Lattice is called Quartz Lattice. Also adds several unique armors such as Gambler's Plate, which has enhancements that only show up upon installation.

Also included is a line of “scrap metal armors”, made from junk and debris; they're massively heavy and not very protective against advanced weapons, but they are very inexpensive to buy, install, and repair.

New Devices by TheLastBrunnenG

Adds 22 new drives, reactors, defense turrets, patchers, and other devices to the game. Place these files in the extensions directory inside your Transcendence installation. These should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

* 6 new drives;
* 2 new reactors;
* 5 new enhancers;
* 3 new repair devices;
* 4 new defense systems;
* 2 new miscellaneous items.

New Shields by TheLastBrunnenG

Adds 30 new shield types to the game. Place these files in the extensions directory inside your Transcendence installation. These should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

Adds Light, Medium, and Heavy versions of many stock shields. Also adds several unique shields such as the Defense Grid and Pinpoint generators.

DraCorp Items by Wurmish

Officially still in development, but already a well-rounded and well-made mod.

* 12 weapons;
* 1 launcher with 3 missiles;
* 9 armors;
* 4 shields (two of which have a fun effect under certain circumstances).

Mining enhancements

Mined Asteroids Explode by PM

Exactly what it says in the title. To clarify, ore bearing asteroids explode shortly after all ore is extracted from them. Aside from the fun of watching things blow up, this lets the player know the asteroid had no more ore left to mine.

Named Ore by PM

Want to know what kind of ore you see before you dock with it? With this mod, you can. When ore pops out of a mined asteroid, its name and quantity will hover next to it. In addition, targeting the ore will also reveal its name and quantity.

NOTE: this overwrites the entity, &stMinedOre;

Named Ore can cause a noticeable to dramatic performance hit for some users when a large amount of ore is left floating in a system. To help remedy this, PM has also released a 'lite' version of this mod, which achieves a similar but less polished looking effect using slightly different methods.

Mining Pack v1.04 by TranscendentGeek & WillyTheSquid

The Mining Pack contains extensive additions to Transcendence's mining sub-game. It compiles some things from other mods, but most of those have been completely re-done from the ground up by TransGeek.

Here's the list of features:

* JAMcorp Raw Materials Processor (R.M.P.): JAMcorp's new all-in-one ship-portable ore processing solution. The smelter processes raw ores into ingots, which are 1/4th the weight of raw ore and roughly 20% more valuable. The refinery can process certain ores, ingots, and other materials into fuel. Examples include uranium ore and helium regoliths. The extruder can turn ingots into refined armor segments, which are stronger and lighter than their normal counterparts and worth 20% more. The basic R.M.P. can process materials of levels 1-3. Upgrade it to enable compatibility with higher-level materials.

* JAMcorp Tesseract Cargo Pods: These holds can be added to a ship that already has a cargo hold installed. They enable the pilot to carry far more cargo than before, but at a hefty power cost. The more space you fill up, the more power it draws.

* JAMcorp Dual-Mode Asteroid Scanner: The basic passive-mode asteroid scanner will mark any nearby ore-bearing asteroids within 12 ls. It can be upgraded to enable active-scanning mode (commanded through the “Use” key (U) to target the nearest ore-bearing asteroid). Upgrading also doubles the passive scan range.

* New Ore & Misc. Item Graphics: This will make it easier to distinguish between ore types visually. Many of the tradable items in the game also received new graphics. This is an OPTIONAL feature.

* Commonwealth Mining Colony Upgrade: Mining colonies now provide additional services. They buy, sell, (un)install and even repair mining equipment of up to level V. They also offer to install and upgrade the JAMcorp devices, and will buy food and medical items.

* New Resources & Fuel Rod Types: The RMP produces secondary resources during smelting or refining. Byproducts like chronimium gas or prometheon refuse can be harvested and then sold for cash or processed into additional fuel types.

* New Mining Equipment: This new gear will make your mining experience that much more enjoyable. Interesting and useful mining weapons, some automated, and two different autons for transporting raw ore.

NOTES: The Mining Pack replaces some content from the vanilla Transcendence game. It also incorporates or replaces multiple stand-alone mods; it can also cause compatibility problems with some older mods. In addition, two mods not included in the pack are highly recommended. For detailed information on all of the above, please check either the readme.txt included in the zip or this forum thread.

General gameplay boosts and interface improvements

Captain's Log 3.1 by Bobby

In addition to letting you write notes to yourself, it:
* Keeps track of the stations in each system and the type of system;
* Lets you mark the map and save your targets for later;
* Incorporates an improved version of alterecco's system log: it lets you view the inventory of stations in past systems, and even search them from anywhere;
* Also keeps a record of when you docked, with what, when you left or entered which system, and what you have destroyed (big things only);
* Manipulates the ship interior screen, adding adds logging and renaming actions;
* Replaces the first action on the ship screen with an alternate version of “Ship configuration” if detailed ship config is also installed, even on custom ship screens.

For more details, see the readme.txt file.

Hints Shown by PM

This mod adds hints or spoilers at various dockscreens that may help the player make more informed decisions and avoid harmful situations. The mod uses action code to display the information. Nothing is overwritten.

This mod includes former mods Buying Limits Shown, Fabricator Stats Shown, and others from Relief Pack 912. It also includes new content.

Quick Loot by PM

This mod gives the option to bypass the dockscreen of a wrecked ship or station, crate, or mined ore; and automatically loot all items (or as much as your ship can carry) from the docked object. Additionally, shipwrecks may be scuttled automatically after all valuable items are taken. Automatic looting and scuttling options may be set within the ship interior screen.

NOTE:This mod overwrites the mined ore and abandoned crate, ship, and station dockscreens.

Relief Pack 912 by PM

This pack contains several separate minor mods that overwrite some of the more annoying or “Gotcha!” parts of the game into something less so. Download the mod and see the readme.txt file for more details.

* All Spider = Invoke one patch spider for all;
* Auto Drop = Contraband is jettisoned instead of confiscated.
* Black Market ID = Tried to get ID but got busted? You can find one in Rigel.
* Dealer Upgrade = Arms dealers offer more specials.
* Domina Prescience = Enables the tenth Domina power.
* Occupied = Liberated stations have dock services.
* Sealed Cargo = Acid no longer destroys items.
* Slave Camp = Slaves are not lost if ship cannot take them.

Auto-Refuel by Prophet

This mod will ensure your reactor stays fueled as long as you have fuel on your ship. It's pre-installed on every ship and you can change the settings in your manual refuel screen in your ship's interior. Choose which fuels to use and what fuel level to maintain. All you have to do is remember to keep buying fuel.

Early Teaser: Sandbox LRS by RPC

Due to heavy demand on IRC and multiple requests, I've decided to release the Advanced LRS into the wild. Built by Bobby in the Agauptera and refined with my help, we were able to make an LRS that distinguishes ships and stations by faction. I'm expecting that I could pump out a beta of Sandbox in 6 months (since summer is coming up), so hopefully this release isn't exactly one of those one time releases of things to never come. We hope you, the player, will enjoy it as you have fun with our neat toy. :D

Check the forum thread for more information.

One Day Mod Series: Alarm System by RPC

Ever tired of being attacked and not knowing it? Does autopilot still take too long? This mod is designed to solve those issues by allowing you to safely leave your ship for a while by installing an alarm system to warn you of incoming ships. The current range is up to 110 light seconds and is slightly better than the standard LRS. Also, the easy, calming warning sound doesn't scare or jar anybody.

If you do, however, want to change the sound, you can always replace the .wav file with another .wav file of the name “Beep”.

More information in this forum thread.

RPC's Utility Items Pack by RPC

This modpack has two items, an autolooter that loots undamaged items, and a device that has real autopilot.

[U]se them, and follow the instructions for the autopilot. The autolooter does the work automatically as long as it is on.

And as a kind gesture, they've been automatically installed them for you at the beginning of the game ;) (They cost no device slots, so all the more to get them!)

NoDockNavBeacons by PKodon

Just what it says. A little mod to remove those pesky docking ports from the Nav Beacons.

Stargate Dock N Go by SiaFu

Just a short override to make Stargates have a single docking port in the center and an appropriate “undock” keyboard shortcut Now you can Autopilot towards the Stargate, [D]ock, [G]et out and [G]ate without tedious maneuvering. Great for slow and overloaded ships.

Recommended use: in combination with the previous mod in this list, PKodon's NoDockNavBeacons mod for best effect.

Change Cargohold View By Category by TranscendentGeek

This mod is another example of scrAddAction that adds a new action to the playership cargohold called “Switch to category view”. This action sends you to a new screen that is a duplicate of the cargohold screen, but with some special features. Two of the actions on the new screen also use scrAddAction.

The new screen provides two new ways to change the filters on the items you can see. Next category and Previous category allow you to scroll through different views such as only showing armor, or just alien items.

You can also use the Choose category feature, which allows you to type in a category instead of scrolling through all categories. The categories are preset and a list of all 26 can be found on the Choose category pane.

Ever wanted to jettison all your damaged armor segments? Well navigate to the damaged armor category and you can jettison them all without worrying about jettisoning anything else!

Identify Before Buying Or Selling by TranscendentGeek

This mod was created in part as tutorial for using the ScrAddAction function. It has extensive comments inside for those who want to use the ScrAddAction function. However, it is a very useful reasonably well balanced mod. This mod adds a new action to the buy and sell screens at all stations. The action “Identify this item” will charge you 10% of the items cost to identify it.

System Map Scanner Pack 1.0 by TranscendentGeek

This mod contains 4 System Map Scanner devices Mark I-IV. Each device can scan a discreet circle around the ship for stations mapping those stations. This works in two ways.

The active side is invoked by 'U'sing the device. This scans region 250ls across in the Mark I, 500ls in the Mark II, and 750ls in the Mark III. These active scanners disrupt all other sensors temporarily causing visual display problems. The active scanners also tend to alert pirates to your ships presence.

The scanners also have a passive capacity that automatically scans from stations within half the active scans radius. Passive scans are undetectable and don't cause problems with the visual display.

The Mark IV has only an active mode and the problems of pirates and sensor disruptions do not exist. The Mark IV also has unlimited range.

Systems, encounters & wingmen

Fellow Pilgrims by drako slyith

This mod adds a chance in each system to have several pilgrims in it, all on their way to the core. They fly around and destroy and/or loot ships and stations in the system. Under certain circumstances, they can even use Domina Powers! There is a chance that they will be able to shatter you when you attack, but they mostly use the defensive powers, such as sustain and defend. The pilgrims will show up all through the game and will install equipment they loot (using slightly altered code from my Salvagers upgrade mod). Enjoy being shattered *accidentally* by some guy called 'Bob'…

The Network by drako slyith

This mod was created because stargates progress too linearly; it is not realistic. So, you now have the option of playing in a network that linearly progresses. Each root system (St. Katharine's Star, Point Juno, etc.) has between four and six stargates. You get several choices on where to go. Basically, there are several interconnected paths instead of just one, but some are dead ends, making it a maze of stargates.

This includes several extra systems that enrich gameplay.

NOTE: This should not be used with other mods that overwrite star systems.

Black Market Salvagers by DOSBox-gamer

A successor to the Souped Up Salvager Fleet mod: the Black Market Salvagers! These automated drones go from wreck to wreck, salvaging loot for profit. Don't even think of attacking one though, unless you're very well armed, 'cause so are they! The zip includes two slightly different versions with two different device(s) configurations. Unfortunately, as the UNIDs are they same in each, you can only play one mod or the other. So take a look, and decide for yourself.

Playership Drones v5 by PM

This mod lets the player buy and command a limited number of unmanned playership drones. The drones behave much like wingmen, with some differences. The player can also dock and swap ships with a drone, at which point the old ship becomes a drone. While the player is piloting the ship, he can upgrade it as he sees fit.

This mod overwrites the default playerships and Domina powers, and it adds actions to the abandoned ship dockscreen and several stations. See the included readme.txt for details, or check this forum thread.

NOTE: Since all of the ship graphics cannot fit within a 5MB file, this was divided into four files: the basic mod and three expansion files for more ships. Get them here:

V5 also includes a collection of patch files for many popular playership mods on When patched, these ships become usable as drones and appear at shipyards for sale. Read the text files included in the zip carefully for instructions on installation and a tutorial on how to add playership drone compatibility to your own playerships. Supported playerships include, but are not limited to ships created by Aeonic, Atarlost, Bobby, Jasque and Xolarix.

Service Pack 912 by PM

This pack contains three separate minor mods that add services to dockscreens. The mods feature item enhancements, computer software upgrade at Commonwealth stations, and launcher upgrade at CSCs. See the readme file for details.

SF Item Graphics LT v01.0 by SiaFu

Overrides the new 1.04 image resource files for corporate items, separated by manufacturer mostly with icons used in StelliFer Laboratories' SFItemGraphics. Adds new icons for the Ballista, Slam cannon, Dragonfly launchers and some color shifting for variety. Enhancers will not be changed as the new graphics show while still unindentified.

NOTE: LT leaves original icons where StelliFer now uses placeholders, and there are no new sounds.

SFSpaceStations by SiaFu

SFStations v0.92: Overrides station definitions introducing new graphics instead of those identical to Commonwealth colony/Dry dock; Corporate Arms dealer/Armor dealer. Highly recommended.

Dealer Stations by TheLastBrunnenG

These mods add new dealer stations to the game. These work independently of each other (you can use one, more, or all of them at once) and should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

Included vendors:
* Software dealer - sells, installs, buys, and repairs Software and CPU items only;
* NAMI dealer - sells, installs, buys, and repairs NAMI items only;
* EI (Earth Industries) dealer - sells, installs, buys, and repairs EI items only;
* Exotic-items dealer - sells, installs, and buys items from hostile races (Ares, Sung, Xenophobe, Ferian, Dwarg, Luminous, etc.). They can also repair damaged Alien items.

New Wingmen by TheLastBrunnenG

These mods add four new potential wingmen to the game. These work independently of each other (you can use one, more, or all of them at once). You are of course free to decline their offers, so if you don't want to pick up one of these wingmen, you don't have to.

Available wingmen:
* The Slicer - Defeat him in the Battle Arena Maximus;
* Kate Morgental - Agree to help her rescuing Katami;
* Juan Carlos Uribe Y Vasquez - Accept the Fleet CSC mission to retrieve the Lamplighter Data ROM and defend him against the attacking Ares fighters;
* Arco Vaughn - Defeat him in Eridani at Raisu's request.

NOTE: these mods modify several parts of the standard game and may conflict with other mods. See the readme.txt for full details on each.

Debugging tools

Yeah right, you filthy cheater!

G.O.D. (Galactic Omni Device) by alterecco

There's basically nothing this mod cannot do. It has been recently rebuilt to work with the new DockScreen Framework (DSF). Tons of small improvements! Scripting maestro alterecco gladly adds requested features (if they make sense). Post them on the mod profile at Xelerus, or hit him up in the #transcendence IRC channel.

For more information, check the forum thread.

Cheat Codes V.85 by sdw195

Master the Debug console with Cheat Codes. Never Die!

* Add money or unlimited fuel and map the whole system instantly;
* Gate to any system in the game and warp to any station in the system;
* Kill any ship with one hit, never run out of missiles;
* Create super-tough mules to carry your loot around;
* Get almost any ship to be your wingman;
* Get more of any item and (un)install anything for free;
* Install that one piece of armor that's kicking around in your hold and see how far it stretches around your hull;
* Never die even though your shield is down, your armor beat up and you're doing Permadeath run;
* Spawn any station enemy or friendly with Fort;
* Create shortcuts to your favorite code that you can use in any savegame you wish.

See this forum thread for more info.

Click here for the up-to-date command list.

On Debug Startup by StarWeaver

This is a tiny mod that only runs when the game is started in debug mode. It provides an easy-to-edit hook function that runs after the playership is created, where you can dump any code you're sick of typing every time you go through a cycle of testing something.

It also provides, as per alterecco's suggestion, a hook function that runs the first time the player enters each new system.

As an example, the default hook gives the player 20,000 credits and rins, the black market and military IDs, and installs the visual display enhancement and targeting computer – just some of the basics.

The default per-system hook maps every station in the system to ease checking of system layouts.

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