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Wolfy's Transcendence Universal Mod and Utilities Manager

This program is designed to make obtaining, installing, managing, debugging, troubleshooting, and making mods substantially easier!

Input on this program would be highly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

TMU has been released in the following locations:

Eternal Modding

Currently the official version of TMU is version (.94a - not to be confused with Transcendence .9X versions), which is a Beta version with a number of functions programmed and implemented, including all the most basic features of any mod manager (enabling disabling mods and directories and nested mods/directories).

Version naming: (capital letters represent numbers, and lowercase letters represent letters)

A.B.C.D (longhand formal) = A.BCd (shorthand)(C is omitted if 0)

0.2.#.# are primitive pre-alpha versions [None publicly released]

0.5.#.# are alpha versions [Only a source-code for was released]

0.9.#.# are beta versions

1.0.#.# are first release versions

1.1.#.# are extended functionality post-release versions

Xelerus will contain only major release versions (post Beta).


Version History
VersionDownload LinkRelease Date


Currently supported:

  • Disabling and enabling mods
  • Disabling and enabling directories
  • Displaying TMU metadata

Currently being built:

  • User commenting
  • Tab, omit and UNID checking
  • profile saving

Currently planned:

How to use

TMU compatibility standards

These standards ARE optional for mods: however, compliance is highly suggested in order to make the most of Transcendence Universal Mod and Utilities Manager.

Directory standards

All mods with multiple files should be put in a sepparate directory, such as …/extensions/<modname>/… as this allows for proper deactivation of the mod. TMU otherwise may not properly deactivate mods that are dependent on it or other .xml files included in the mod if the mods' metadata fields are incorrect.

XML standards

TMU reads data within an excluded MetaData tag. <!– <MetaData> <TMU authordisp= “[author name](This is the displayed author name in the program)” authorUNID= “[author name on UNID database](This string should exactly match the author name on Perculi's UNID database)” version= “[version (string, so you can put 'v0' or '' or however you name your mod versions)]” UNID= “0x####” (only the 4-digit prefix is used here. TMU will disable mods with incorrect UNID prefixes (like 0xGU56) as a safety feature to prevent Transcendence from crashing on load if it detects the erroneous UNID) image= “/extensions/<modname>/image.bmp” (this is optional. leave blank if no image is used. Max image size is 100×100: any larger and TMU will ignore it.) > <Dependancies> <!– this section is rather long, and is currently under construction –> </Dependancies> </TMU> </MetaData> –>

Advanced functionality standards

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