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Description: Fast, green, and filled to the brim with MAGs, this ship is used by the Black Market to enforce its will through sheer destruction. Lightly tapping a Black Market station will cause this ship to frantically attack the player, no matter how small the damage.

Name Molotok
UNID &scMolotok;
Class Molotok bounty hunter.
Type ““
Score ”“
Mass 200
Cargo Space 50
Max Speed .22c
Thrust 1000
Maneuverability 4
Wreck Chance 50%
Ceralloy armor X4
Class III deflector
Dragonfly missile system
MAG launcher
Dragonfly missile cartridges
800F hexagene MAGs


This ship is fast and deadly, and if the player is bold enough to destroy a Black Market station, is sent after the player in droves. It isn't invincible though, and will fly away when its shields are down. Its major weakness is lack of range, and since the Molotok derives its power from its MAGs, all the player needs to do is survive an initial onslaught of MAGs (or prevent it by taking down its shields before the Molotok gets close) and beat back the Molotok until its shields are down, and pursue the Molotok until it is destroyed. The MAGs are the real source of the Molotok's power, not the clumsy Dragonfly missile launcher (which can be easily dodged). A long range weapon such as the lancer cannon and decent shielding that can take 2 or 3 MAGs is required to consistently beat this foe.

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