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Name lancer cannon
UNID &itLancerCannon;
Level V
Base Value 7000
Mass 3000 (3.0 tons)
Frequency uncommon
Damage particle:1d4+1 (2-5);
Fire Rate 15 (3.7/second)
Power Use 300 (30MW)
Lifetime 60

Game Description

“The lancer cannon is a high-powered beam weapon.”


The unusually high range on this weapon combined with the multiple shots make it a functional basebuster. It consistently deals 5 damage per shot to stations, compared to 6.5 damage per shot at the first approximation for the Mark I Howitzer. Unfortunately its lack of WMD makes it unable to deal with Sung Fortresses without very carefully lining up shots, but if limited by slots this difficulty can be worth having a weapon adequate for both skirmishing and basecracking.

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