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Name blinder cannon
UNID &itBlinderCannon
Level III
Base value 1350
Mass 2000 (2.0 tons)
Frequency rare
Damage ion, 2d8+2 (4-18); blinding3
Fire rate 15 (about 3.7/second)
Power use 50 (5MW)
Lifetime 30

Game Description

“A blinder cannon shoots out a thin stream of ionized particles that disrupts a ship's sensors.”


The Heliotrope gunship's primary weapon.
While this weapon does not directly damage armors and its “blinding” effect doesn't last too long, it is an ion-based weapon and can crack your shield very quickly.

It was mostly useless for the player because its blinding effect does nothing to enemy ships, and now in version 0.99c its effective range is shortened and cannot damage stations anymore, this weapon is utterly useless for the player.

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