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Name Dragonfly missile cartridge
UNID &itDragonflyCartridge
Level IV
Base value 15
Mass 50 Kg
Frequency common
Damage blast:4d6 (4-24) momentum2; WMD4;
Fire rate 30 (2/second)
Power use 60 (6MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 50
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 3
Launcher Dragonfly missile system

Game Description

“This is a cartridge for the Dragonfly missile system. Each cartridge contains three micro-missiles.”

Community Description

This missile system can basically be described as a heavier version of the Rasiermesser Smartcannon. It requires the Dragonfly missile system, and is reasonably common, but may cost a little too much for a primary weapon. Each shot is actually three small missiles.

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