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Name Quantumsphere disintegrator
UNID &itQuantumsphereDisintegrator;
Level XIII
Base Value 4000000
Mass 15000 (15.0 tons)
Frequency veryrare
Fire Rate 50 (1.2/second)
Power Use 8000 (800MW)
Missiles Used
Quantumsphere shell
Damage antimatter:6d8 (6-48) disintegration3 WMD7;
Lifetime 360
Manuverability 6

Game Description

“As the Iocrym abhor chaos, their weapons are designed to reduce their targets to plasma clouds of uniform density.”


The shells for the Disintegrator are really heavy. Thus it's virtually impossible to use this weapon effectively. However, if a shot hits a target with no shield points, it will instantly disintegrate them in a pretty blue cloud, unless they're using a disintegrate-immune armor. While this is extremely fun, it does mean you do not get any wrecks to raid when you use this weapon.

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