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One of the most dangerous capital ships in the quarantine zone, the Phobos dreadnought presents a danger to players who are not prepared to face it.

Name Phobos-class dreadnought
UNID &scPhobos;
Class Phobos
Type dreadnought
Score 3140
Mass 15000 tons
Cargo Space 5000
Max Speed .16 c
Thrust 10000
Maneuverability 10
Wreck Chance 100%
massive Tharsis plate X26, non-critical X16
Kaidun shield generator
Ares plasma archcannon
Ares lightning turret X2


Unprepared players are advised to retreat unless they know how to deal with them.

  • The Phobos' shield has a large amount of HP, but only has a moderate resistance to ion and thermo, as well as very low regeneration.
  • The Phobos' armor is immune to laser and kinetic damage, and is difficult to damage with blast and particle weapons. At least an ion or thermo weapon is required to effectively combat the Phobos.
  • Don't hide by a CSC in the hopes of having the CSC kill the Phobos for you - with the exception of the CSC Terra, their Tev 9 particle weapons are ineffective against the Phobos' armor.
  • The areas on the flanks between the main cannon and engines all use non-critical armor segments, and thus it is more difficult to destroy if you target those sections.
  • A good tactic is to shoot from far away with a long range weapon, circling the Phobos; if you outrange the lightning turrets, stay in between the angles that its forward cannon can fire at.
  • If you are shooting at the Phobos from within range of the lightning turrets, turn perpendicular and fly through the stream of shots - only a few, if any, will hit, while flying parallel to it will result in taking many more shots.
  • Omni weapons generally don't have the range of forward firing howitzers, meaning that you are within the Phobos' striking range, you can still rely heavily on the above tactic, focusing on dodging while the omni turret does all the targeting for you.
  • They have a poor turn rate and only 20 facings, use that to your advantage.
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