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Commonwealth Star Carrier

Description: A huge hulk of armor, it acts like a station, yet is in fact a ship.
At Transcendence 1.05, these ships can now be seen launching Britannia gunships if they sustain heavy fire.
They also give Players Commonwealth Fleet (not CW militia) missions.
They come rather poorly armed, with only 4 Tev 9's, but make up for it in endurance.
Top Speed: .02c






ICX missile defense turret
Damage Control Party (it acts as a virtual Patcher arm)

Named CSC's

CSC Antarctica
Note: CSC Antarcica is equipped with a NAMI Heavy Launcher as wells as the 4 Tev 9's CSC Terra
Note: CSC Terra is equipped with 4 Katana Star Cannons and a NAMI Heavy Launcher

CSC Task Force:
CSC America
CSC Atlantica
CSC Asia
CSC India
CSC Pacifica

CSC Hospitals:
CSC Arctica
CSC Sahara


Anything immune or heavily resistant to particle, which include the Xenophobe Worldship and the Phobos.

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