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Official extensions are mods that have been designed by George Moromisato as part of the canonical Transcendence Universe. Creating all these mods will be a collaborative project involving the extended Transcendence community.

This is a list of current and future official extensions:

Domina & Oracus: The Stars of the Pilgrim

The Domina & Oracus campaign is currently the default adventure in Transcendence. It tells the story of Domina & Oracus and of the human (the player) whose fate was intertwined with that of the whole galaxy.

This campaign consists of three parts:

Part I: The Stars of the Pilgrim

Set in the year 2419, Part I follows the player on a journey from the safe environs of Eridani to the edge of Human Space. Along the way the player encounters dozens of friendly and enemy sovereigns, and ultimately breaks out of the quarantine zone imposed by the Ancient Races of the galaxy.

Part I has the following optional expansion modules:

  • Eternity Port: This expansion module adds the systems of the Near Stars, including Sol, Sirius, and Centauri, investigating the mysterious artificial intelligence known as Luminous.
  • Corporate Command: Fly missions for the Corporate Hierarchy and investigate the Chimeras, strange ships built by stations infected by a virus of unknown origin.

There are also several official expansions in development.

Part II: Vault of the Galaxy

In Part II the player enters the disk of the galaxy and meets with the Ancient Races.

Part III: Untitled

Part III is the final part in the Domina & Oracus campaign.

Palace of the Abbasid

Palace of the Abbasid is a stand-alone campaign in which the player meets the reclusive Abbasid and endeavors to complete missions for them and to defend them against the depredations of the Urak Warlords.

This campaign takes place in the New Beyond in the systems between Eridani and St. Katharine's Star. It covers levels I through IV.


Underworld is a stand-alone campaign in which the player works for the Black Market. He finds himself involved in a competition between the Corporate Hierarchy and the Black Market to retrieve a priceless psionic artifact that may hold the key to the mystery of the Ancient Races.

This campaign takes place in the Ungoverned Territories between St. Katharine's Star and Jiang's Star. It covers levels IV through VII.

CSC Europa

CSC Europa is a stand-alone campaign set in 2415 during the Ares War. The player is a pilot aboard the CSC Europa who takes on various missions against the Ares. The player advances in his/her career and gets to fly various ships, from obsolete Ronins, to Centurions, to the brand new Britannia-class heavy gunship.

This campaign takes place in the Outer Realm at levels VII through X.

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