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There are, by default, three ships to chose from when you start the first chapter of Transcendence. Each plays a little differently.


The Wolfen is a fast fighter with a limited cargo capacity and limits on the number of non-weapon devices it can equip.

  • Equipping a cargo hold expansion helps, but can slow you down.
  • The tritium propulsion upgrade doesn't do you any good, your base thrusters are as good as it.


The Sapphire is a hybrid ship … slower, larger cargo hold and less specialized hardpoints than the wolfen, but smaller and faster than the EI500.

  • The sapphire has the harshest restriction on armor weight.
  • You get bonus money when you start with this ship

EI500 Freighter

The EI500 — It's big, it's slow, it has a huge hold. You can only equip two weapons at a time.

  • The EI500 has a lower max speed than the other ships without at least a Tritium upgrade.
  • Cargo expansions don't expand your cargo, but advanced ones may still be useful for side effects.
  • A launcher counts against your weapon slots.
  • You start with an omnidirectional weapon; many EI500 players try to stick with these and other omnidirectional weapons to overcome the slow turn rate of the ship
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