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This is used for Transcendence source files other than Transcendence.xml. Actual examples of this in use can be seen in those source files. It is not included in the Transcendence XML'd elementDocument.

In similar way to <TranscendenceExtension> it contains every element used in one of the source xml files.

The following is taken from BattleArena.xml.

      <Sovereign UNID="&svGladiator;"
              alignment="constructive chaos"

… skip …

      <!-- Resources -->
      <Image UNID="&rsBattleArena;" bitmap="Resources\BattleArena.jpg" bitmask="Resources\BattleArenaMask.bmp"  
             backColor="0x00000000" loadOnUse="true"/>
      <Image UNID="&rsBattleArenaExtra;"    bitmap="Resources\BattleArenaExtra.jpg" 
             bitmask="Resources\BattleArenaExtraMask.bmp" backColor="0x00000000" loadOnUse="true"/>
      <Image UNID="&rsBattleArenaBkgnd;" bitmap="Resources\BattleArenaScreen.jpg" loadOnUse="true" />

Child elements and attributes


See also <TranscendenceExtension>

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