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A CyberDeckDevice is a miscellaneous (and usually virtual) device that carries out cyberattacks, which inflict special effects without physical damage. They are considered omnidirectional and their fire rate is locked at one attack per second. Targets have a chance of detecting cyberattacks.

On a non-virtual device, the stats display in the format {programName}({aiLevel})

Basic Attributes

  • range= The maximum distance (in light-seconds) from which this device can affect targets
  • attackChance= The chance that this device will carry out an attack.
  • aiLevel= Used to determine whether this device will work against a certain target. If this value is greater than the target's cyberDefenseLevel, then all attacks will succeed. Otherwise, no attacks will succeed.
  • program= Determines what kind of effect that cyberattacks will have on targets.
    • “ShieldsDown”: Depletes the target's shield. Success rate is 50% plus 10% for each level that aiLevel is greater than the shield level. Effectiveness depends on the target's shield level. Not effective if target's shields are down.
    • “Disarm”: Disarms the target's primary weapon for a number of seconds between the value of aiLevel and twice that value. Success level is 50% plus 10% for each level that aiLevel is greater than the weapon level. Effective when the target is neither already disarmed nor paralyzed.
    • “Reboot”: Nothing. Originally intended to completely disable the target's ship
  • programName= The name that shows up when the target detects the cyberattack. Upon detection, the target receives a message consisting of “Cyberattack detected: ” followed by programName.
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