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Game Concepts

This page explains core game concepts.


Anacreon games are persistent and server-based. Each game is a unique universe with distinct planets and player empires. Every game has a scenario and an era. The most active game is currently Fallen Worlds Era 3.


Scenarios determine what is present in a game at game start. The only scenario that currently exists is Fallen Worlds.


Anacreon development takes place in eras (previously these were called Alphas and Betas). Every game runs a version of Anacreon from a specific Era. The most recent era is Era 3.

Game Client

The Anacreon game client is how the player interacts with the game server. It runs in a browser window and includes a galactic map and a combat visualizer.


An empire is any entity that controls planets within a game. Empires can be controlled by players or be “NPEs”, like the Mesophon Traders Union. An individual player can only control one empire per game. Player empires can send messages to one another.


Imperial doctrine determines the structures present on an empire's imperial and sector capitals, as well as some special abilities like forming trade routes with Mesophon worlds.


Planets are distributed across the galaxy. There is one planet per solar system. Planets have a class, designation, population, raw material deposits, and a tech level; they contain structures that produce units and resources or grant special abilities. Units can be stationed on planets and resources are stockpiled on planets. Fleets of ships orbit planets when they are not moving.


Planetary designation determines a planet's primary structure, which is the main determinant of what units and/or resources a planet produces. Planets can only export resources produced by their primary structure. Some designations have primary structures that do not produce anything by default; these structures grant a special effect, like increasing the tech level of other planets.


A planet's human population generates labor (measured in Work Units). Labor generated on a planet is assigned to structures on that planet. The total number of Work Units available on a planet decreases if labor is divided between multiple structures. Planets are most productive when most or all of their labor is assigned to a single structure. The labor output of a planet is a function of population, tech level, and efficiency.

Tech Level

All planets, units and resources have a tech level. Tech level determines what a planet can be designated as and what resources and units it can produce. Planetary TL also affects labor output, consumer goods consumption, and whether certain structures can be built. Player empires can change planets' tech level.


Units are ships, ground units, and planetary defenses. Units are produced by structures and subject to attrition. Units are used for exploration, moving resources and ground units, and most importantly for combat. Some units have special abilities, like point defense.


Resources are used to produce units, to produce other units, and to support population on planets. Resources are produced by structures and can be moved by trade routes (with the exception of Life Support resources).


Most structures turn labor and resources into units or other resources. Some structures have a special ability, like increasing maximum planetary population.


A trade route allows a planet to export the resources produced by its primary structure to another world. Trade routes allow empires to be much more productive than their individual worlds would be, since planets generate more labor when they are not required to divide their labor between multiple structures, and because some planets have better mineral deposits than others.


Fleets are groups of ships that are able to move between planets. Fleets move at the speed of their slowest ship. The player's fleets are shown in yellow; other empires' fleets are shown in red.


Combat can take place in planetary orbit and on a planet's surface. The goal of combat is to destroy units and to invade planets to conquer them. Combat can occur between empires or between an empire and the defense forces of an independent world.


All units and most resources undergo attrition; a fixed percentage of any given unit or resource will disappear every cycle. A unit or resource's attrition is measured in half-life.


Some ships can transport ground units and resources. The most important use of transports is to carry ground units to perform planetary invasions.

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