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Connecting to IRC via IRC Clients

Once you get the hang of IRC you will find an IRC Client is much better to use. Here is some help setting up the most common ones


X-Chat WDK

Setting up X-Chat is fairly straight forward. However it is important to note that if you are on Windows, you will need X-Chat-WDK which is open source and free.


Sadly, I don't use mIRC, and it isn't free so I cannot test out, however if someone uses mIRC they can write this in

Mac OS X

  • X-Chat Azure (Free)
  • Textual IRC Client (or if you are feeling daring compile it your self from source using xcode)


  • Linux: apt-get install xchat, pacman -S xchat, yum install xchat, or emerge -av xchat.

I will assume you know how to configure this further, as you are probably pretty experienced in such matters

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