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The IRC channel #transcendence may be found on freenode. If you already have an IRC client installed you may click Here

If you don't have any IRC client installed and only want to take a look you may use this browser based IRC client!

Once you get the hang of using IRC, it is recommended you setup an IRC Client, which can be found at clients.

Transcendence IRC Channels

On freenode, we operate many channels specific for Transcendence. Most can be found using alis (/msg alis list *transcendence*) which is the channel search engine. However the list below is the commonly used #transcendence channels.
To join these, type /join #channelnamehere, like /join #Transcendence.


The main channel. Used for mod discussion and some off-topic discussion (when things are a bit slow).


Created when conversations with Katami got out of hand, and dominated #transcendence. Not particularly useful anymore now that he's got a lobotomy, but at least he can still log onto IRC… Also used to hold bots and play around with bots, bot help can be found at #botters.


Used on IRC day to keep conversations from flooding the main channel. (don't join otherwise as it probably will forward you or give you an error “cannot join #transcendence-questions: You are banned”


Prophet_01 is running an RPG game on this channel with other IRC regulars. They use Pathfinder, which is a fork of D&D 3.5.


Used for collaboration on the Sandbox project.


Used for resolving bans and other similar issues that require a staff meeting/discussion.


Operators are IRC's version of moderators. Currently there are are 14 operators that you can speak to if you have any problems: (Note: All irc moderators and community staff are voiced in #transcendence)

alterecco _Hades_ (HaDOS)        StarWeaver (AzziWeaver, *Weaver)   
Atarlost PKodon Taben
Avan (Azar_Wolf, Fluffy_Wolf, *_Wolf)    RPC (R_P_C) Ttech
digdug sdw195 Prophet_0
Gambit- Silly           

(Currently inactive: bmbl, Dash_merc)

Our operators do not sit around with in operator mode in normal channels, so you won't see @-signs in front of their names most of the time. (To preform moderation functions they request operator status from Katami or ChanServ, or just have Katami do things for them.) The operators do always have voiced status though, so most of the people with +-signs on their names are operators. A few helpful people are also automatically voiced but only have minor administrative capabilities (Amariithynar, Belxjander, Curudan, The_Shrike), and sometimes the operators get silly and randomly voice people, so it's not a guarantee.

IRC guidelines

  • No hate speech. This is actually Freenode's Policy, we're just agreeing with it.
    • (In fact, Freenode is bound by UK laws to not tolerate certain kinds of hate speech.)
  • Please only use English on #transcendence so we have a common language.
  • Don't be a jerk. Respect other people. All other rules flow from these.
  • Listen to the channel mods and abide by their rulings.
  • Try to avoid being crude.
  • Avoid religious, political, or sexual conversations; or, if you do not avoid them, drop the subject when people ask.
  • In general don't do what others ask you not to do; though if you feel the request in unreasonable, discuss it or ask a moderator.
  • Please refrain from advertising, racial, sexist, or otherwise hateful or insulting comments.
  • If you want to ask a question, simply ask! Don't ask if there is anyone there or if you're allowed to ask!
  • Be patient with the answer. The channel activity comes and goes, but someone will answer when we read the question!
  • Don't spam/flood the channel! If you want to paste larger chunks of text please use the Pastebin.
  • Don't change nicks rapidly. Remember you can set a message with /away that people can see if they /whois you if they're curious (but remember to not set your client to spam the channel when you /away, either).
  • Don't ask for a/s/l (age/sex/location) on the channel! This isn't a dating service. Asking people for personal information should be done respectfully if at all, and respect the other person's right to not answer.
  • Don't invite any bots without the permission of the channel OPs!
  • Don't spam bot commands. Stop if people ask you to stop. #transcendence-bots is there for your bot-spamming needs.

IRC for Newbies

When you first choose a username and log on, you will need to register. However, if “NickServ” gives a message saying that the username is registered, you will need to give a different username - this can be done by using the “/nick YourNewUserName” command.

To register, first set the username you want with the “/nick YourNewUserName” command, then type in “/nickserv register YourPassword [email protected]

For a more in depth help on freenode please visit the official faq at



ChanServ is the channel operator bot and can assign voice/operator/etc. statuses on people if set to do so. Only the channel moderators have access to ChanServ's functions. (Use /msg Chanserv to contact it)


(aka The_Master) IRC bot maintained and developed by Ttech. Used for various kinds of channel operations. Is also marked as a Channel Operator. He has a lot of functions, just watch, people use them a lot. (Prefix commands with ~ - use ~help for more information)


IRC bot maintained and developed by Ttech. Used for gathering channel statisitcs (Prefix commands with @ - use @help for more information)


Written and maintained by Avan, hosted by StarWeaver presently. It's a die rolling bot for our irc rpg and also here for your statistical randomness needs. !d 1d6 + 5 and so forth to run it. (Prefix commands with ! - only one command is available for users, which is the !d/!r/! command to do a dice roll.)

Other Freenode Bots

These are Freenode server bots which are not visible in the channel, but may be contacted through the private message system.


Controls access and ownership of nicks. We highly recommend that you register your nick with it. Use /msg nickserv help for more information


Used for SASL identification (ie, when using a mobile client) - this bot acts along side nickserv in nick management, but specifically handles SASL authentication. If you have issues setting up SASL, or your client to work with SASL see this documentation.


Leave messages for other uses. Use /msg memoserv help for more information.

Retired Bots


We had no clue what it did. [OFFLINE]


Alterecco's bot which provided a lot of functionality that was later added to katami. [OFFLINE, RETIRED]


The latest incarnation of Schilcote's less advanced counterpart. Will only listen to orders from channel admins or people it likes. Say !frequencyup or !frequencydown to make talk more or less. Schilbot often has trouble bringing his thoughts down to your insignificant human level. Much of what he says is beyond easy comprehension. Comprehend enough last thinks probably Schilbot_V4. [OFFLINE]


SDW195's bot which purportedly functioned like Oracus did.

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