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Sandbox Base (SB):
1. Topology - Drako
2. Faction reputation system - Use(?) Dynamic Soverigns need ways to ally/befriend factions [Some tweaking needed] DONE!
3. Dynamic systems - Stations respawn too fast
4. Additional Weapons - WE4 D1gdug -does not like plyshipchanging :(
5. Advanced Long Range Scanner - DONE!
6. What to do with mods that are huge like Playership Drones

Fluff (FF):
1. Anomalies - Drako DSMK2
1a.random idea for blackholes
1b.they'll have a ring of collision area that deals heavy dark matter damage
1c.(dark acid/metal/fire whatever)
1d.and then a inner circle where if your ship ends up it'll hyperjump you to a random system
1e.the idea is, if your ship is badass enough to survive the outer ring, you gain a free random jump :D

2. Sovereign expansions - See:

  1. Ares Extension - DONE!

3. Dynamic Economy
4. Advanced Targeting
5. CW Radio
hailing calls and radio chatter
6. Bank Faction
7. Planet Stuff

  1. Orbit - Framework done
  2. Landing - Need to get backgrounds for planet surface, nebulas for land

8. NPC mining
Option 1
-have a ship that shoots at all asteroids
-have a scavenger ship that collects ore
Option 2
-have a ship that shoots and collects ore (like what shpOrder 'mine was supposed to do)
9. NPC rescue missions
10. Civilian ships for each faction
11. Tutorial
12. mining permit
Need to do illegal mining reactions of:
13. Empire Expansion -player creates empire
14. ship scale decontamination sprays- little ships that have a weapon to decon
15. Why IAV's look standardized:
16. Sun does damage and gravity
17. Use Djohaal's galaxies and Ttech's galaxies
18. go through dvlenk6's stuff!
19. :D
20. Trap roms that do bad enhancements
21. REAL autopilot

22. different player starts:
Sung Start:
Steel slaver ship

Ares Start:
Tundra ship

CW Starts:
the Vanilla ships

Ranx Start:
Ranx gunship

Mission ideas: (they are old threads so NO necromancy!)
new ship call in
new insurance func
item bank
more escort
auton and smuggler's cargo hold
some undone ideas from here:
more missions:
Expand CW fleet:
BM ideas:

# 2 3 4

Class based system
Playerships [Keep the original three or make new ones?]

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