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Randy's Gun Belt is a unique specialty arms dealer station that usually appears in a level 5 system. It is the only Corporate arms dealer to have a named station master - Randy Mydnar. Like all specialty arms dealers, Randy's Gun Belt does not buy items through its Commodities Exchange, but sells uncommon items that are less likely to be found randomly at any other stations.


At first glance, the items for sale at Randy's Gun Belt consist entirely of regular kinetic weapons at double the regular price. Most of the weapons tend to be below level 5. There are no indications that the weapons are enhanced or unique in any way. However, a further inspection following immediate purchase and subsequent installation of any product from this station will reveal that the product fires its rounds at 100% of lightspeed. Such is an extremely bizarre attribute only found in weapons sold at Randy's Gun Belt, making it a truly anomalous station. However, by the player's second visit to the station, the weapons for sale will have been replaced by their normal counterparts, losing their special effect entirely.


When the player leaves the Dock Services/Buy Items screen of Randy's Gun Belt for the first time, a special dialog will appear.

As you exit the market floor of Randy's Gun Belt, a light flashes from behind you as a mysterious figure whips past your back at high speed. The figure apparently floats as there are no footsteps to be heard before or after this event. It is not long before Commonwealth police come rushing in, asking around for anyone who has clues on the figure. They tell you, if you know the whereabouts of a person named “Randy Mydnar,” you should dial the Commonwealth police agency urgently.

After this dialog, the player will be given a mission to find Randy Mydnar. The player has to find two other Randy’s Gun Belt locations that suddenly appear around the New Beyond, each time leading to another paranormal encounter with Randy Mydnar. On the player’s third encounter, Randy will fly his ship and attempt to kill the player. The mission completes when the player destroys Randy Mydnar’s ship.

Note that when the mission begins, police will confiscate all the items from the shop (except for any items that the player purchased) and Randy’s Gun Belt will be converted to a regular arms dealer. Any items purchased thereafter will have no special properties. The same applies to all other Randy’s Gun Belt locations following the player’s encounters.

Station Master

Although the station master, Randy Mydnar, is known to be the owner of Randy's Gun Belt, his appearance is not exactly known. Sources report that he is humanoid, but that his face is perpetually blurred by a dense mist that constantly surrounds his face. And through this mist permeates a harsh, bright glow that apparently originates from Randy's eyes. His body is increasingly translucent from his neck down to his feet, and his feet are almost invisible as to make him appear to be floating. He is almost always seen standing on the center of his large office floor, though he does not seem to ever talk or move from his position or respond to anyone's presence. His frame does cast shadows from the lights on the edges of his office, but the shadows are unusually blurry. Following the player's departure concluding a first visit to the station, he is no longer present on subsequent visits.

Commonwealth police have linked Randy Mydnar to a modified Hornet-class battlepod allegedly capable of flying at light speed. Such a technology is not yet known to humans, and the position of this vehicle has been exceedingly difficult to track down due to its sheer speed. It is not known where the ship resides when Randy Mydnar is present at his station.

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