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Wiki Notes and Suggestions

Please leave notes and suggestions below.

Add basic wiki & rt intro

The basic intro to the publicly shared sites needs work. Right now to use both trac and the wiki you have to log in and wait for approval; just make it more clear how to wait / how long to wait.

Cover the lists of items and areas, but also the different aspects of the game; a wiki version of the captain's guide, links to reviews and video demos, screenshot pics. There's lots of good new discussion every week on the forums, let that filter up to the wiki - post a list of recent topics every once in a while with links out.

Dokuwiki Plugins

If you have specific Dokuwiki plugins you would like installed (see Doku Plugins List), list them here or let me know directly! You can find me on IRC as Gambit- or on the forums as GambitDash.

  1. Get a decent theme (Ttech has offered to work on this)
  2. Something like templates so we can add pages quickly (such as a ship template)
  3. Quick indexes to break down categories (like a ship index or modding index and a element sub index off of that)
    • Added the Categories table to the main Page unless we have more content to really organize it
      • Filling the itemtable per Hand is somehow a bad idea because it's a lot of work! We need some parser tool to automatically fetch the needed informations (we can't add all the items every new version)
  4. A few plugins I would like to see.
      • Allows you to inline a page in another page, usefull for snippets and small pages that benefit from having additional information associated with them (tags, revisions etc..)
      • * I like this one.
      • Adds folds to a page. Basically compresses a long page for a quick overview (does require js though)
    • there is a required config change to make one of the plugins work. Msg. alterecco if you want info.
    • add redirector plugin to support page redirects (or a similar plugin) so people can find the page they want even if it changes names.
  5. I'd like a plugin for adding color to text, something like this The most immediate use I can think of, is highlighting shield and armor resistances on the resistance table to show the armor/shield's natural resistances and vulnerabilities.
  6. A plugin to make it easier to move pages. Like for example.


Perhaps a new template would be nice, something that matches a little with the theme on the forums…

Personally i like

A list of themes can be found here:


Note that the Rowspan example shown on the syntax page does not work.


Can we have a list of what 'smilies' are available and what text needs to be used to insert them into pages? (See )

I also think it would be nice to have somewhere where wiki users can request text conversion & smilies to be added to the wiki.

Search glitch

If you search on “on this pages” (a typo that was on all the function pages) you get far less results than you should. I think it might be only finding results on pages that have been viewed since they were uploaded by external edit. ptbptb

File tag

The file tag, <file> does not work as specified in the syntax page. ptbptb

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