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Name 150NX Reactor
UNID &it150MWReactor
Level VI
Base value 20000
Mass 5000 (5.0 tons)
Frequency Rare
Fuel efficiency 16
Reactor Power 1500 (150MW)
Minimum Fuel Level III
Maximum Fuel Level VI
Usable Fuels
Helium³ Reactor Assembly
xenotite fuel rod
Heliotrope fuel cylinder
longzhu sphere


Though older than the Nova series, the 150NX remains popular in the Commonwealth. It has peak power output of 150MW.


The 150NX reactor can be a good intermediary between the Nova-100 and the SN2500, especially when it is enhanced to 180MW with Heliotrope Fuel Cylinders. This reactor is also the highest level reactor that is not limited to the military.

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