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Name Katana star cannon
UNID &itStarCannon;
Level VII
Base Value 40000
Mass 5000 (5.0 tons)
Frequency common
Damage ion:4d6-1 (3-23);
Fire Rate 12 (5/second)
Power Use 750 (75MW)
Lifetime 60

Game Description

“The star cannon fires a stream of high-energy ions. Star cannons are military weapons that cannot be used on civilian ships without a special ID.”


This is the only weapon in default Transcendence with the passthrough attribute. When this weapon hits an unshielded ship or non-wreck station it has a 50% chance to continue on. It can hit the same target multiple times and the maximum damage is limited only by depth of the target. This allows it to do multiple damage to bases even though it has no WMD rating and makes it particularly powerful against large “capital ships”, especially the unshielded Ranx Dreadnaught, Xenophobe Worldship, and Gaian Processor. As a Bushido Arms weapon it can be purchased from specialty shops earlier than other weapons of the same level and its low power consumption means it can be used on a reactor as small as 100mw. As an ion weapon it is resisted by few opponents. These combined traits make it one of the most versatile.

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