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Name KM500 Stiletto missile
UNID &itKM500Missile
Level IV
Base value 50
Mass 60 Kg
Frequency common
Damage blast:4d6 (4-24) momentum4; WMD5;
Fire rate 30 (2/second)
Power use 10 (1MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 40
Maneuverability 2
Hitpoints 10
Launcher NAMI Missile Launcher

Game Description

A powerful optical and infrared tracking module allows this missile to home in on its target.

Community Description

The backbone of any fighting ship, this tracking missile is very highly recommended, and almost required for slow ships like the E100 freighter. It deals very good WMD power and a good amount of blast damage. Combined with its tracking ability, this missile is a must-have for any missile stockpile.

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