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Name light orthosteel armor segment
UNID &itLightOrthoSteel;
Level VII
Base Value 3200
Mass 3300 (3.3 tons)
Frequency uncommon
Hit Points 175
Photo Repair false
Causes Shield Interference false
Recharges Reactor false
Has Stealth Capabilities false
Immune to Radiation false
Immune to Disintegration false

Game Description

“Orthosteel, a variant of plasteel, was used extensively by the Commonwealth Fleet until the creation of Hexphase armor.”

Performance Matrix

Damage Type Laser Kinetic Particle Blast Ion Thermo Positron Plasma Antimatter Nano Graviton Singularity Dark Acid Dark Steel Dark Lightning Dark Fire
Adjusted Hp (%) 1150 1150 150 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -20 -20 -50 -50
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