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Name M2 Vulcan Missile
UNID &itM2Missile
Level IX
Base value 250
Mass 350 Kg
Frequency rare
Damage thermo:1d12 (1-12) momentum3; WMD7;
Fire rate 40 (1.3/second)
Power use 100 (10MW)
Lifetime 120
Speed 55
Maneuverability unguided
Hitpoints 40
Launcher NAMI Heavy Launcher
Fragment: Radius
Damage thermo:10d24 (10-240) momentum3; WMD7;
Size 6
Fragment: Missiles 5d20 (5-100)
Damage blast:2d6 (2-12) WMD1;
Lifetime 1d12+12 (13-24)
Speed 25-55

Game Description

“The M2 is a heavy siege weapon launched by the NAMI heavy launcher. It is designed to attack capital ships and stations.”

Community Description

This rare but powerful missile requires the NAMI Heavy Launcher rather than the standard launcher. It deals massive Radius and Fragment damage and is well worth the price tag, but it is unguided and slow, so is best used against heavier, slower ships and stations.

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